What Started It All

Posted: February 1, 2013 in My Story as A Poet

It was a normal day, I was at home, on the internet, when I saw an ad for World Poetry Movement. I clicked it, and it said you could win money if you send in a poem, so I decided to send in my best poem at that time. It ended up on their Facebook page, and I thought that was cool, so I shared it with my friends. But the big stuff didn’t start happening until the day I got a letter. A letter from the World Poetry Movement, saying they wanted to publish my poem. Publish it. As you can probably guess, there was a major freak out up in my place. The letter also included an option to buy a copy of the book, along with a Certificate of Publication and an Artist’s Profile to go along with my poem in the book. Of course, I took advantage of all three. I had a little help from my dad and grandma. Next, you’ll find out everything that happened to me after that. Come back for my next blog!


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