State Qualifying, and What Was Supposed to be Our Toughest Match

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Archery

I have to say, at the beginning, I was a pretty crappy archer. But as time went by, I kept improving. And you know what happened? I eventually made it to the Top 3. Twice. Yep, at our State Qualifying match, I actually got in 3rd place, my first time in the Top 3! The second time was at the match we just had Friday against an adult all-male archery team. I repeat, ADULT ALL-MALE. We totally smoked them! I got trophies too! All I need to do now is to hopefully get my own bow soon and some targets so I can practice outside of the actual practice at school. That way I can keep improving still and eventually make it to #1! 1st place! We have yet to find out if we made it to State yet, but when we do, I’ll post the news here! Make sure you go to the bottom of the page and follow this blog via E-mail to stay updated! I don’t think you’ll want to miss anything else. Just sayin’.

  1. fslack says:

    Way cool!!! Grats on smokin’ ’em…. keep posting!

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