Posted: February 15, 2013 in Archery

Just a couple weeks now until the State Tournament, and I can’t wait! Plus, my birthday is coming up, and I just found out I’m finally getting my own bow, along with arrows, a target, and a case! Also, my cake is going to have a design of an archery target with an arrow in the middle. Best Birthday. EVER!!! My dad and grandma rented out a place to have my party, and I’m gonna invite all my friends, including my archery team, of course. It’s gonna be SWEEEEEEET!!!!!!!

P.S. I haven’t really posted anything in terms of poetry yet, not any actual poems, just my story, so I was thinking I would post a poem that I wrote. It’s actually about archery. Pretty sweet, right? I combined my two favorite things to do, and now the name of this blog makes even more sense than it already did! I’ll be back in a couple hours at most. See ya then!


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