Start Spreading the News, I’m Leaving Today….

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Archery

Alright, it’s official: Tomorrow is the State Tournament! Tomorrow! Oh man, I don’t no whether to be really nervous or really excited! Maybe I’m a little bit of both. This is so awesome, my family and I are leaving today, because my uncle knows people, and he got us hooked up with some nice hotel rooms. One of the best parts though is that I get to miss school (YES!)! I mean, what person doesn’t like to miss school any chance they get? Back to being nervous or excited, one of my archery teammates told me to be prepared for my score to drop at State. Is that true? That can’t be true for everyone, can it? Well, I’m not worried. I’ll just do what I always do at regular matches. I’ve just gotta keep a cool head and stay focused. Totally in the zone. Anyways, I will be back tomorrow or the day after to post updates on how we did at State. Wish us luck everyone!


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