I Had a Busy Week….

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Archery

Hey everyone. Sorry for not updating for almost a week, I’ve had a pretty busy week, keeping up with schoolwork and such. Anyway, I’m back to tell you how my week went after school during archery practice. I know I’ve already said something about this, but the schedule got changed after the State Tournament, and now we have practice 3 days a week. That’s right, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. So, Monday I got back my scorecard that I had used the week before, and the other side was still blank, so I used it to fill in my points for that day. The next practice, Wednesday, I got a new scorecard after my coach gave my already-filled-out scorecard back to me. I think I’m starting to improve a lot. I’ll tell you, the score I got from yesterday and today’s practices were actually really good, for it being a practice. I say that because I usually shoot my best when I’m shooting at an actual match. But, like I was saying, my score was pretty decent. Wednesday, I got a total score of 245. Today, my score increased by 6, it being 251. I remember when I calculated all of it, I looked at and said to myself, “Hm, not bad.” So yeah, If I can keep improving more and more, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll become number one. You remember my #1 goal for archery, right?


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