This Week

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Archery

OK, so this week was pretty busy too, which is why I haven’t posted in a week, like my last post. I didn’t go to practice Monday because I have another thing I go to on certain Mondays, but I enjoy that as well, because I also have friends there too. Though I was able to make the next two practices, of course. Wednesday, I was kind of sad, because I have this certain friend who I call my archery buddy, who actually shares the same name as me (real name), and she couldn’t stay for practice that day, because something had happened to her neck and it was sore, so she couldn’t turn her head to shoot. Not only that, but I actually dropped in for a couple minutes Monday, and there was a lot more people at practice then than Wednesday.

Thursday was a lot better. My archery buddy told me her neck was feeling a little better, so she was going to try to shoot. So, she came to practice, shot, and she was fine. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, this week of school is the last before Spring Break, and I’m saying this because I am currently typing this in my 3rd period class, which is basically study hall. So because of that, we didn’t shoot like we normally do, 3 rounds from 10 meters and 3 rounds from 15 meters (well, we don’t do that anymore anyways, we shoot from 15 meters all 6 rounds). What we did is shoot at playing cards the whole time. And get this, whenever we shot a card, we got a balloon to put on the target to shoot. I collected a lot of balloons, which I would’ve put on the target, but those things were impossible to blow up. Seriously, there were only two people who could blow them up, nobody else could. Another interesting thing: After 4:30, the coach said that if we collected five balloons, we could get food that she brought with her, and guess what? I was the first one to get five balloons. That was pretty lucky, too, because I got to get an entire box of Crunch N Munch caramel popcorn. Let me tell you why that’s lucky, she had nothing else like that. All there was after that was little pieces of candy. So yeah, it was pretty awesome.


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