My New Score & Outlook On The Future

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Archery

Hey everyone, guess what? I got a new top score at practice! You know that before I usually only shot in the 260s at matches, but now I’m actually shooting that at practices! That’s right, my first best score was 262 at practice, then Monday my score went up by 2, making my new top score 264! Pretty awesome, huh? My dad says if I’m shooting like that now at practices, I’ll be shooting in the 270s at Nationals! If I’m lucky, I’ll be one of the top females of my grade! So as you can tell, I’m getting better, which is good if I ever want to be #1. I know I still have awhile to go, I’ve just got to keep working hard and focusing each practice, and, who knows, maybe my score will go up even more. Also, I’ll be a lot better by next season (next school year), because I’ll be practicing everyday over the summer with my own bow and target. Do you remember that person I told you my archery buddy has a lot in common with? She’s actually the current #1 archer on our team. Well I’ll tell you, she better watch out, because she’s gonna have some serious competition next year, you better believe it! I see most of my future pretty clearly now. It’s really bright. I think I’m going blind! Ha! Seriously though. It looks pretty awesome.


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