Posted: May 13, 2013 in Archery

OK, it’s been five days since I posted last, sorry about that, but I’m back to tell you about the AMAZING time I had at the NASP National Championship in Louisville, KY Friday! Alright, I’m sad to say that I was definitely NOT shooting my best, I got my lowest score to date there. That was the bad part. Afterwards, however, we were allowed to go off and do other things, because they had different stands set up, like places where you could souvenirs, food, and archery equipment. So, since we had to use the buddy system (it’s super effective), my archery buddy and I had already decided we were going to be buddies before we even got there, so I walked around with her and her family (Mom, Dad, sister). The first thing we did was eat. I only had ten bucks for food, and the place they were at was pretty expensive, so I went to a place that was selling pizza. I only got one slice, but you would not believe how huge it was! I had a hard time just trying to eat that single piece! While we were eating, there was a stand that was selling German Roasted Nuts, and it caught on fire. It was really funny, because everyone was like, “Oh my god, the nuts are on fire!” That was hilarious. After that, everyone kinda split up, so it was just me and my archery buddy. I followed her around a little bit, but then I wanted to buy a t-shirt, so she followed me around until I found one. Oh, and I forgot to mention, that pizza wasn’t the only big thing I ate. After we ate we also decided to buy ice cream, and the cones were huge! It was awesome, except I had to lick it down really fast because it kept dripping on my hand. So, even if I didn’t shoot what I wanted or how everyone expected me to, I still had fun. Isn’t that what really matters?


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