About Yesterday…

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Archery, School & Life

Alright, I know I said I was sure I was going to get my chance to tell my archery buddy how much I appreciate her yesterday, but once again, luck was not on my side. Will my chance ever come? I’m sure it will. It has to, sometime before the end of the year, and there are only 8 school days left, so yeah, I’m kinda running out of time. The reason I didn’t get my chance is because she didn’t stay for practice, she was feeling bad. And you know what? She’s not here at school today, which leaves me somewhat concerned. I think she’ll be fine, though. As long as she’s here tomorrow and stays for practice. I could get a chance tomorrow, even though it’s highly unlikely. I just need to tell her before something happens, if anything (which I’m hoping nothing happens, but you know, just in case). Well, even if I didn’t get my chance, I still had a lot of fun yesterday, and even after that, I was still able to stay in a good mood, which is more like me. Before, I had been worrying about it like crazy, which isn’t like me. Then I just decided to not worry about it so much and just stay cool, like I always have. I just hope my chance comes soon.


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