Car Wash

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Archery

So, yesterday was the car wash for archery (the time it says I posted is wrong, it’s really still Sunday, June 9th), so I’ll tell you how that went.

Okay, so I was the first one to show up, and I thought the coach wasn’t even there yet, then I saw her walk out of the auto store. The next one to show up was none other than my archery buddy. After she came, no one else showed up for awhile, so we thought it was going to be like the cornhole tournament we had earlier this year, where we were the only members of the archery team to show up, but then the #1 archer showed up. After that, more people came to help out, but not everyone showed up. We were still able to get a lot done. Let me say, the whole time I was there, the thing I did most of the time was stand by the road holding a sign to attract people. Yeah, I stood there for 2 hours, and, while I managed to get two tips from passing cars, I ended up getting a pretty bad sunburn on both my arms, so that kinda sucked. Luckily, I didn’t have to do that the whole time, so I did get to wash some cars. It was great, we were able to make over $300, which will help us out a lot. All in all, it was worth it getting the sunburn. The next thing we’re doing is another cornhole tournament, and I can’t shake the feeling that it’ll just be me and my archery buddy again. I just hope that it turns out good.


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