Posted: August 21, 2013 in School & Life

Oh wow, it really has been a long time since I’ve posted on here, hasn’t it? Really sorry about that. Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve returned, and I’m going to start back up where I left off. Because it’s been so long, I won’t go into immense detail, I’m just going to give you a summary of everything that’s happened. And by summary, I mean trying my best to keep it short without leaving out any important details.

About the corn hole tournament: It actually didn’t turn out the way I expected it to. It was me, my archery buddy, and another member of the team. I was kind of surprised when she showed up, you know why. Here’s the thing though: Unlike the tournament before that, nobody, I mean nobody, showed up for that tournament. So in the end, we just had a little tournament of our own. It just so happens that that was one of the weekends my younger brother was over. So, he was there with me, and we were going to be the ones to collect the money, but you already know how that worked out. It was me and my brother against my archery buddy and the other one of my friends from the team. I think we won the first game, then lost the second. After that we had a tiebreaker, and we lost that. During the first game, however, I discovered something very interesting. Get ready…

I have supernatural powers.

Don’t do a double take, you read that right. You see, there is a type of power that certain people can have, called PK, or Psychokinesis. The ability to will movement with your mind. So, I wasn’t doing very well, then something came to me. All of a sudden, I closed my eyes, and focused on the hole. I focused all of my energy on getting the bag into the hole. Then I opened my eyes, threw the bag, and, yes, I made it! That was a big moment for me. Now, let me prove to you how it wasn’t just pure luck or coincidence.

Sometime after that, me, my dad, my brother, and a family friend all went over for game night, which we have every once in awhile. The game we usually always play is Yahtzee. If you’re not familiar with it, it involves rolling dice. It wasn’t until later in the game, but after awhile I remembered what happened at the tournament, and I started doing that. I focused all my energy into rolling the number I wanted. I got in just about every time. Also, I ended up winning after that. You might call that cheating, I just say it’s using one of my hidden talents to my advantage, while not keeping it hidden, because, trust me, I have plenty other hidden talents that hardly anyone knows about. So it’s not that bad right?

On the next post, I will fill you in on my summer. Oh, by the way, school’s back in session for me, I’m officially a Junior. I’ll tell you what that’s like, too.



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