Friday & Today

Posted: September 4, 2013 in School & Life

So, it’s now time for me to tell you about something that happened Friday after school. You know, I had to stay there until 5 because of me getting into trouble, and, might I mention, my dad never even found out…

Anyways, here’s what happened. Before I went to my punishment, I went back into the other building connected to the regular school, the building where the gym is. And I did go back there for a reason. I went back there to have a talk with, who else, my archery buddy. I found out on the first day back that she’s been helping out with another school sport, like setting up the necessary things needed, for that sport… But yeah, I walked down there, stopped her and told her I needed to talk, so I followed her around as she was doing stuff. The main thing I was wondering was if it was going to interfere with her being on the archery team. I didn’t ask her that directly, I asked her how long she would be helping out with that, and she said for the rest of the season. So then, I actually asked her if she was even coming back to the team, and, here’s the shocker: She told me she might not even be rejoining! And of course by that point I was just like, “WHAAAAAAAT?” I didn’t say it aloud, but that’s pretty much what I was thinking. So then I reminded her that she told me that she said last year she was coming back. She told me she just didn’t like it that much anymore, because our coach kind of annoyed her at times, and she just got tired of doing the same old thing. After that, we said some other things, and then I left. I’ll tell you, that conversation did leave me kinda bummed out, but, guess what? I still have some hope, because she said her dad might just make her rejoin. Hey, I’m not going to be upset or anything if she doesn’t come back, I just think it won’t be the same without her. I hope she comes back.

Now, about today. Today, I had to get up earlier than usual for school, because my grandma had an early doctor’s appointment. My grandpa recently had surgery on his back, so there was no one to drive me to school. That is, until my aunt said she could drop me off on her way to work. So, I got dropped off at my aunt’s house at like 6:15 to hang out there until time to leave. After finishing up some homework, we played a card game called Uno. If you’ve never heard of it, the rules are complicated, so look it up. But anyways, I have to say, my aunt and I were pretty equally matched. We played four games, and we tied 2-2. And that aunt is the one whose house me, my dad, his girlfriend, and my younger brother go to some weekends for game night. That was fun. So yeah, it was one of the most fun mornings I’ve had in a long time.


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