The Time Is Now

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Archery, School & Life

Everyone, I have great news! Today is the day archery finally starts! Well, not officially, we just do it during the school day to see who will show up, then the coach will hand out permission slips to those who want to join after we’ve practiced a little. But anyway, I am SO excited right now, I can hardly contain myself! When I first got to school today, I was feeling really tired. But that all changed when I checked the school announcements, which is where they told about archery meeting. Man, did I wake up after that! I seriously CANNOT wait, not only to shoot, but to finally see my whole team together again, and I’ve no doubt there’ll be a few new faces with the up and coming Freshman class. Today is a great day! I might be a little rusty there going up to shoot, though, so wish me luck!

And so my epic life story continues… (Seriously, my life is so interesting right now!)


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