Rain Shadow (New Poem by Me!)

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Poetry

[rain shadow- a region having little rainfall because it is sheltered from prevailing rain- bearing winds by a range of hills.]

I recall a time every face I saw was warm

Then, so suddenly, I got caught in a storm

I became a drifter, always an empty look on my face

I did nothing but let the wind carry me from place to place

It seemed it would stay like this the rest of my life

Trapped inside a raging whirlwind of strife

Then out of the darkness, there came a light

One of many great things, for it shined so bright

So then I was set free, finally let out

I’ve found my true purpose, without a doubt

I could finally see, after feeling so blind

All the friends I’ve made are so caring and kind

Though they do tend to get a little crazy at times

We have lots of fun, so I don’t really mind

I’m now surrounded with all these feelings I can’t hide

No, I couldn’t tuck these away if I tried

I can’t deny all these feelings of happiness and love

That make me stare deep into the blue sky above

I see now with these friends, I’m never truly alone

As long I always have them as my rain shadow


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