A Game of Heartbreak & Determination

Posted: October 16, 2013 in School & Life

So everyone, this week so far has been very interesting for me. Let me start with Monday. Monday was probably the most interesting, it all started at school when I was on my way to lunch. One of my friends that I pass in the hall on the way was in a really good mood, so she gave me a hug. After that, I passed another friend, and I gave her a high-five. So yeah, that put me in a good mood. I already had plans for after school that day, and I was worrying a little bit, but that made me less worried. I felt that things were going to go just fine. After lunch was over, I got an idea. I was in such a good mood, I went and high-fived all my friends I passed on the way back! It was awesome. Anyway, about the plan I had. After school, I had a club to go to, then I decided I was going to go to a game of a certain school sport. You know what sport? If you remember any of my previous posts, it’s the sport my archery buddy is the manager of. So, I went to it expecting to be sitting by myself the whole time, but I got really lucky and ended up sitting with my archery buddy’s mom and sister, and also one of my other archer friends’ mom. Man, was that game intense! Speaking of which, that’s actually one of the reasons I came. Remember my last post? While I was hanging out in the gym watching practice, I was standing by my archery buddy, and I was telling her about how intense I thought it was. When I said that, she told me I should come see a game, because they’re even more intense. That gave me an idea. After I had already decided and talked it over with my dad, I thought that would give me a good opportunity to do something I’ve been meaning to do, but never got the chance. If you didn’t know, over the summer my archery buddy and I were supposed to hang out, but you know, that never happened, unfortunately. So, since our Fall Break starts next week, I thought I would ask her if she was doing anything and that we still needed to hang out. So I waited through and watched the game, which actually lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I was in that hot gym for over 3 hours! There was a point where my dad texted me that he was coming to pick me up because we needed to go to the store. So, I texted him back that I needed to stay, and luckily, he was okay with it, so he went to the store on his own, but then he was coming back after that. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to stay for the game! Even though I did go to see it because of its intensity, that wasn’t my main reason, and I already told you what that was. That game was awesome, but our team did end up losing, sadly. And also, I actually was never able to get a chance to talk to my archery buddy. I was kind of sad after that, but it was still worth it, because I did enjoy the game.

Now, about yesterday. Yesterday, I had to stay after school again, for that club that I went to last week before I got stranded. However, I ended up leaving it early, not only because the room smelled like sweaty gym socks, but because there was someone that showed up who I really don’t like. So, I headed to the gym to watch practice (you know, for that one sport). Turns out though, they weren’t really practicing at the time, because I walked in, the net was set up, but no one was there. Also, there were a bunch of desks set up for a test that the Sophomores were having to take. For the longest time after I got there, they were actually lifting in the weight room. So, I waited outside the gym for possibly 30 minutes, maybe more, but they eventually came back to the gym. I waited for everyone to get in, and then I went in after them. As you probably guessed, I was planning to try once again telling my archery buddy we need to hang out. Well, I did finally get to ask her if she was doing anything over Fall Break, but, I guess I should have known, she had to be involved with that sport, and they would be having games like all week. So, I was kind of sad after that. I was going to tell her that we still need to hang out, but she had just got done running laps around the gym with the team, and her knee was sore, so I ended up leaving, without saying anything. After that, I went out to leave because my dad had texted me that he was outside waiting for me. I walked out, but then I had to turn away for a few seconds, to collect my emotions. Luckily, I wasn’t down for long. I don’t know when it will happen, but I have faith that my archery buddy and I will get to hang out, eventually. They don’t call me The New Master of Bouncing Back for nothing! Now, I was sure everything would stay fine after that, but guess what I found out? I have a deadline now, You know how I said I was going to work hard to be able to rejoin the archery team? I am passing all my classes, well, except for one. What I didn’t know is that you have to have all passing grades by the end of the semester otherwise you can’t join! The only hope I have now is the test I have in that class Friday. You know I’ll be studying for that like crazy! I have to pass that test, or else all that hard work will have been for nothing, and, worst of all, I’d be letting the whole team down. That for me is the worst possible thing that could happen. If it did, I honestly don’t think I would be able to live with myself. Archery was my second chance. What will I do if I lose that? I have to pass. No. I will pass. No matter what, that’s how it has to be.


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