Just a Quick Update (Fall Break Plans)

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Archery, School & Life

Alright, so far, there is only one thing that has a lot of relevancy that I’ll be doing over Fall Break. In order so as to not be left behind by my friends, I’m finally ready and I plan to take the test to get my permit to learn how to drive! That means I’ll be behind the steering wheel of a car really soon. I refuse to be left behind. Also, I’ll be starting on a personal project that I got the idea for a few days ago.

Aside from that, about that test. I do plan on passing it, no matter what it takes. I will do whatever I have to, anything to make sure I can still join the archery team again. On top of that, even though my archery buddy said she was coming back, there is a chance that the practices for the sports team she manages will interfere with archery practice, because they are on the same days each week. That did kind of worry me for a while, but then I had a revelation. You know what, if she ends up not being able to come to the first practice or so, that’s fine with me, but until she does show up, I’ll just have to represent the both of us the best I can. That might be the way it’ll have to be for a little bit, but I really hope it’s not a long time…


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