The First Practice Of The Season & Certain Complications

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Archery, School & Life

Alright everyone, in this post I’m going to tell you about all the things that have happened this week. So, about practice. It was good starting off, but something that I thought was gone but must’ve just been hiding made itself known again. Remember all the friend trouble I was having? Well, my emotions are getting to me once again, though not as much as before. I can’t really reveal anything, but I can tell you that when I go to the first few minutes of practice today, I’ll need to have a word with my archery buddy. The whole team, actually. The reason I say the first few minutes is because I won’t be staying the whole time. I’m going on a trip with my grandparents right after school to go visit relatives in another state, and we’re staying the whole weekend. I’ll be glad of that, it’s a chance for me to get away from the norm, and away from all the madness. I just hope things will eventually work out the way I want them to, maybe one day people will get to know who I really am. I have to tell someone, eventually. It’s been inside for far too long.


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