The Most Fun Weekend I’ve Had in A Long Time

Posted: November 6, 2013 in School & Life

Hey everyone. I would’ve posted yesterday, but we were off because of Election Day. I’m just gonna tell you about my AWESOMELY WONDERFUL AMAZING MAGNIFICENT weekend. So, I finally went to see my cousin who lives in a different state! She’s the only cousin I’ve known since I was a little kid and actually have a strong bond with. I think this time was one of the best times we’ve had. We got there Friday night, because we left after I got out of school. I didn’t think we were going to get to do anything because of it being dark, but her grandpa (my uncle) actually took us to Wal-Mart, and we hung out in there until 10 at night, so that was pretty awesome. Some crazy, random stuff happened while we were in there. We heard a little girl singing about poop and then I ran into a clothes rack, almost wiped out, but turned it into a totally awesome power slide, which I nailed. We wanted to have a sword fight (with NERF swords, of course), but we couldn’t find any swords. The next day after that, we went to a big store that has a lot of stuff for really good prices. My cousin bought an actual Italian Pro style soccer ball. After that, we went to… THE MALL. Of all places you could take someone like me shopping, I just absolutely LOVE going to the mall. I mean, they always have so much stuff! That’s why I didn’t buy anything until we got there. I spent it all in one store, and I think I got a really good deal. I got a movie, and the latest CD from my favorite band, and they were both on sale! That was a good thing, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get them. When we got back to their apartment, we had a lot of fun with that soccer ball my cousin bought. We were kicking it around outside until my uncle made us stop because of kicking the side of the house, so we had to move to up on the hill that’s right beside where they live. We did that for awhile, then I got so worn out I think I actually passed out on the ground for a few minutes. I remember laying down and putting my hat over my face, then staying that way for a little bit. After the day was almost over, my grandpa, my uncle, my cousin and I went and got ourselves and everyone else milkshakes. They were really good. When we got back, some other relatives came over and visited for awhile. It was another of my cousins, who is full grown, and her husband and kids. It was cool, because I had brought my bow (because it was at school for archery, and we had practice that day, but I couldn’t stay because of the trip), and that was when I finally got to show it to them. The only thing wrong was, the way her husband treated their kids. He’s really rough with them, and they’re still pretty young. I’m not sure he can process the fact that they’re kids and aren’t supposed to be treated that way. I hope something gets done about that. After that was over, everyone started to get dressed to go to bed. My cousin and I stayed up until after 3:30 in the morning. It was great, we threw paper at each other, played with her soccer ball, and even invented a new sport! Then we slept. When I woke up, my cousin, aunt and uncle were up. It wasn’t until a few minutes after that my grandparents got up. We all got breakfast from McDonald’s, me getting my favorite bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit sandwich. When that was over, we left. After we left, we made one more stop at the store my cousin got that soccer ball. It wasn’t until then my feelings of realization started setting in. I mean, it felt so weird being in there looking around without my cousin with me, you know? But it wasn’t all bad. I got one of those soccer balls like the one she had. When we finally got back to my home state, we ate at a cool restaurant that I’d always wanted to go to, and it was really good. When we got home, I was pretty glad after all that traveling, but I still wish I could’ve stayed over there a little bit longer. I can’t wait until next time!


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