Signs of Good Luck

Posted: November 8, 2013 in School & Life

Well everyone, it’s finally Friday, yes! Not sure if I have any plans for the weekend yet, but… well, that’s not what this post is about. I thought everything was going to be completely nice and normal this week, but some weird stuff’s went down, and I found out one of my friends and her family might be losing their property! I wish I could help them somehow, but I guess I couldn’t really get involved with all that, because of it involving lawyers and a bunch of other legal stuff. Also, just recently another one of my friends’, one I made through archery, dad got killed in a car accident. So yeah, I’ve been just a little bummed out these past few days. However, I think all my luck is about to change, and I hope it’ll mean good luck for everyone else as well. In my 5th period class (which I’m actually in right now as I type this), I found a face-up penny laying on one of the lab tables beside my desk. Not only that, but I also found a face-up nickel underneath a desk beside mine! Now, I don’t know if a nickel counts for anything, but I have a pretty good feeling about it. Maybe it means I’ll have double the good luck I would’ve had with just the penny? Well, I don’t know, but I don’t want to jinx myself or anything. Anyway, I really hope that those coins I found were a good sign. That’s all I can be now, hopeful.

Have a good weekend, fellow WordPress bloggers!


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