Tuesday’s Mishap & Now

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Archery

Greetings, loyal followers of my blog! It’s been 5 days since I last posted. If you’re wondering why, I just needed some time to collect all my thoughts, you know, clear my head. Now I’m back, and I’m ready to tell you about what happened Tuesday after the accident. After school let out, I walked very slowly down the hall, in order to at least not see my archery buddy until I got to practice. When I made it into the other building, I walked very cautiously towards the gym. Before that, if you remember the last thing I typed in the last post, I actually did go around asking anyone I knew if they were aware of any nearby rock I could crawl under. Yes, it’s true. When I got in the gym, I was walking backwards so she wouldn’t see me. Also, for awhile, I did do some creeping behind my bow case… I know, you’re probably thinking, “Whaaaaaat?” I’ll admit, I did sorta kinda try to avoid her the first few minutes, but I knew I was going to have to face it eventually, because there was no way we would’ve been able to go the whole practice without saying anything to each other. So, she asked me to pick up her string bow (what we use at the beginning of each season to make sure we remember how to do things, and to teach the new archers) for her, and then I finally went up to her and told her how bad I felt about it, and, thankfully, she wasn’t mad. That was a relief. After that, we lined up to string bows. I only had one problem: something had happened to mine and it wasn’t there. I told our coach, she just told me to get someone else’s. Here’s the thing though: I didn’t. You won’t believe what I was able to get away with! In substitute, I ended up just telling everyone I had an “invisible” string bow, and our coach never even noticed! Everything was good, until I started getting emotional, once again.

After practice was over, I was feeling just a little down in the dumps. If you want to know why, I thought that after I had changed so much, and after all this time, that the past was completely behind me, but it wasn’t. I went through some bad stuff in my life, especially during my first year in middle school. I thought I was alright, but the truth is, the pain may be gone, but the scars will never truly heal. So, I ended up actually talking with my archery coach, and, somehow, it really helped, along with something one of my teammates said to me. And you are not gonna believe who it was, what they said, and that it actually helped me realize how to deal with that current situation. It was the #1 archer (for now, at least), the one who I had been just a little bit jealous of in the past. Yes, that person. I know it’s hard to believe, but I swear it’s true. So here’s what happened.

Last season, she was always hanging out with my archery buddy, but this season, my buddy’s started hanging out more with other members of the team, so she’s (the #1 archer) become a little distant, I think. For the most part during practice, I noticed she was just hanging around all by herself, you know, not really talking to anyone. So, I then decided I would go and say something to her. In the beginning, as in the start of last season, the relationship between us didn’t get off to a great start. I mean, she was actually a little bit mean at first. Also, we did have a few awkward encounters… But anyway, ever since then, I told myself that if my archery buddy could be friends wiTH her, then so could I, so I made it my goal to actually become good friends with her. Even after all that went down, I still tried to be nice to her whenever I saw her. Well, it’s in my nature to be nice to everyone, and it’s also a part of my moral code. Now back to the main story. I walked up behind her and said, “So, (name), how’s it going?”

“Pretty good, I guess.”

“You’re looking kinda lonely standing here all by yourself.”

That’s when she said the thing that helped me out, and it might surprise you, but I’ll explain.

She shrugged and said, “Solitude is good.”

After she said that, we were called back to the line to start shooting again. I was wondering about that at first, but after some time thinking about it, I realized she was right. All that time, I guess one of the biggest things I was afraid of was being left out of things, but what she said made me realize how crazy that was. I mean, I’m around them every practice, and we’re all in it together, so there’s nothing to worry about. I realized that I didn’t need to try so hard to insert myself into conversations and things like that, and it made me remember who I used to be and who I really am on the inside. Truth is, I’m a naturally quiet person, just one who’s opened up a lot more in the past 3 or so years. So then I just decided to go with the flow like I did in the beginning, you know, just hang out and have fun like what you’re supposed to do. I never imagined just a simple line like that, especially from the #1 archer, could help me out so much. I just might have to thank her for that sometime.


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