A (Somewhat) Minor Complication

Posted: December 4, 2013 in School & Life

Okay, I know the title says ‘minor’, but by minor, I mean something that’s been bothering me for the past couple weeks. Alright, if you didn’t know, I happen to have a few cousins I go to school with, all of them I’m not too closely related to. So, you’d think if I have cousins there, I’d hang out and talk with all of them, right? Well, I don’t, because most of them a preps. You know what a prep is, right? Actually, I’ve come up with a neat acronym: LPMG. Loser Preppy Mean Girl. That’s what they mostly are. That’s what I thought they all were for awhile, but I found out this year that there is actually one cousin who isn’t afraid to acknowledge my existence. She just really started talking to me this year, before that I thought she was like all my other cousins, because I’d actually heard a couple bad things about her in the past couple years I’ve been in high school. I guess it all started from something that happened last year, something that I never expected. I remember going to the room I had my study hall class in to get my schedule changed, and it just so happened she was in their. I didn’t really think much of it because I was used to it, but as I was starting to leave the room, she called out my name, and then waved at me. Now, as you can imagine, I was taken aback by the friendly gesture. I’ve got to admit though, it made my day better (I don’t even remember how that day went, it’s been awhile, you know?). I really didn’t think it would build up to anything after that, but I was wrong. She started talking to me this year, and I’m pretty sure it was mainly because of my poetry, because she read some when I let my English teacher borrow some of my work. When my teacher told her she should ask me first (which she didn’t), she said that I wouldn’t care and that she could just read it because she’s my cousin. And of course, I didn’t care. Anyone who wants to read my poetry is welcome to do that, so I let her read it. After that, it turned out that all the things I heard about her weren’t true. She’s actually really nice. I don’t know how things started happening the way they did, I guess a little unknown familial instinct started to kick in. You see, we have a couple classes together, and there were plenty of times people wouldn’t leave her alone (though she is still pretty popular). So, I decided I would stand up for her, and so I began to sort of warn people who were bothering her. It’s died down some, and it doesn’t happen as often, so I guess I did something right. Alright, so I was talking to my grandma about something that happened before Thanksgiving Break. Before I tell you about that, I’m going to tell you what I honestly think of all that. I think it’s great that she’s started talking to me. I’m thrilled. Even though it didn’t bother me a lot, there were times before where I thought it was pretty sad that I couldn’t have a good relationship with at least one of my cousins at school. You know, if she never talked to me this year, I don’t think it would bother me hardly at all. But she did. She’s the only cousin I have in my school that actually talks to me, and I am very grateful for that. Back to what I was talking to my grandma about. Before Thanksgiving Break, I actually walked up to my cousin after one of our classes and told her that, because of her being my only really nice cousin, I was glad to have her as a cousin. That worked out nicely, because she said she was glad as well, and she wished me a happy Thanksgiving. That gave me a really nice feeling for the rest of the day. I told my grandma about it, but for some reason she started going on about how we aren’t even that closely related, that my other cousins were closer. I could not believe that. So this is what I told her: I said, “Who cares about that? She’s the only cousin I have at school that is actually nice and talks to me! I don’t care how far apart she is, she’s still my cousin, and a cousin is a cousin!” That’s very true. It doesn’t matter to me if we’re not that closely related, a cousin is a cousin, and a cousin is family, and I always look out for my family, especially if you’re nice to me. It still saddens me, though, because the path my other cousins are on isn’t exactly a good one. Unfortunately, I doubt there is anything I’d be able to for them, now or in the future. I guess anything can happen, though. I’ll just have to wait and see. I wonder what the future has in store for me…


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