A Really Interesting Post You Should Definitely Read (For Real)

Posted: December 11, 2013 in School & Life

Well everyone, it seems it’s been a week since I posted last, and I have a very good answer as to why that is. As you probably know, the weather’s been getting colder, and it’s started to snow a lot in certain places, my location being one of those places. You see, we had 3 snow days. Friday was a snow day, so we thought we were just going to have a 3 day weekend, but the weather got bad Sunday night, so they went ahead and cancelled Monday as well. Tuesday was first announced as a 2-hour delay, but it snowed a lot more and so school was cancelled yesterday. Here I am again though, today. Today we actually did have a 2-hour delay. That’s pretty good, because with the 2-hour delay schedule, all the classes are a lot shorter than usual. So then, now let me tell you of certain events that transpired over the course of last week, and let me tell you first, the main happening was pretty crazy.

It all went down (the main event which occurred) Wednesday, at the local superstore. Before I say anything else, I have to mention that this past Friday was my archery buddy’s birthday. That was the main reason I was at that store Wednesday, because I wanted to get her a card. Alright, so it started off like it does on any normal trip to the store, my dad and I split up, him going to buy groceries and me going to look for a card. So, I went and looked and eventually picked out a card I thought would be good, then I headed off to the entertainment section, where I always look. I ran into my aunt who works there in the clothing department, talked to her for a few minutes, then my Senior friend who works there came up behind me and said hey, and she was wondering how I knew my aunt, and I told her everything about her being my aunt, and that she was also the mother of one of the teachers at my school, which makes that teacher my cousin. She was a bit awestruck after that. So then, I stayed and looked around for a few more minutes, then I went to find my dad. I found him, and he told me that my grandma was cooking dinner for us, but he hadn’t had anything to eat for most of the day, and I was hungry too, so we stopped in the restaurant inside the store to pick up a little snack to hold us over. I forgot to mention that before we got to the store, I was joking around with my dad, saying things like, “Hey, what if I’m in there, with the card already picked out, and then I start walking around with it, then run into my archery buddy?” He said, “Well that would be pretty crazy.You’d probably run down an aisle and she’d be like, “What?” and think you were mad at her for some reason.” And so we laughed at that. If you’re wondering what my dad meant by, ‘run down an aisle’, it has been said that I do have a bit of a flair for the dramatic. And the crazy. Yes, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I can usually be pretty calm, but I do act a little nutty at times. And dramatic. So, we were eating at the restaurant, my dad facing the outside, watching all the people come and go. Then all of sudden, I see his eyes get wider, so I looked and said, “What’s up?” And what he said happened… I was in complete shock. Wouldn’t you know it, after just joking about it in the car on the way there, my archery buddy actually does show up at the store! So then I started freaking out a little. I was like, “Holy crap, did they see us?” Dad said, “No, they were all looking straight ahead (she was with her mom and sister). And besides, the card is covered by all our groceries.” Which it was, but I still couldn’t help freaking a little bit, I mean, who could’ve known we were predicting the future with out realizing it? That’s not exactly something that happens every day, you know. So after that, we finished up quickly, then went off hoping to run into them somewhere. The first thing we did was go to the produce aisle for some tomatoes. Dad told me he needed one of those produce bags to keep them fresh, so I went down and got one while he was bending down to get some tomatoes. When we got back together, we looked up and, would you believe it, there was my archery buddy. So yeah, I started to panic a little again, and they eventually looked back at us, which was when I did the second half of what we said. I did end up running down the produce aisle, strangely enough. HOW CRAZY IS THAT??? But anyways, when I got to the end of the aisle, I went to catch up with them, but I lost track of them for a second. Turns out, they were already starting to check out! I didn’t waist any time after that. I ran up to them and was like, “Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy!!!!!” So, I had a small conversation with my archery buddy, then they finished checking out and left. Yeah, that was interesting. But the craziness didn’t stop there! When we were finished getting items, we had a BUNCH of stuff, and we a had somewhat of a hard time finding a checkout line. As we were looking for one, I happened to see someone else. Who was it? None other than the #1 archer herself. I had a bit of a klutzy moment after that (but hey, who doesn’t from time to time?). I looked and said, “Hey, there’s (name)!” Then I crashed my cart. Yes, that happened. At that point, my dad was getting really frustrated. He was like, “Come on, quit fooling around and get in a line!” Well, we found one after that, then finally got out of there. Man, that has to be one of, if not the most crazy time I’ve had in there. Well, I think that’s enough for right now. Later I’ll tell you about what happened on Friday, my archery buddy’s birthday.



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