As Luck Would Have It

Posted: December 12, 2013 in School & Life

Alright, now I’m going to tell you about Friday. Before that, though, I need to mention a few things about Thursday (because they tie in with Friday’s events). So like I said, when I was at the store, I picked out a birthday card I was almost certain would be good for my archery buddy. Yeah, almost. However, that was one of the very rare times my skills at picking out cards for people failed. You see, I’m usually really good at picking cards, but I guess something went wrong this time. I was planning on giving her a card Thursday, but guess what? I ended up not giving it to her. I talked to my grandma before that, she said it’s the thought that counts, and I know that, but I just couldn’t give her that card. Every instinct inside me was telling me not to give it to her, because it was the wrong one. So, I didn’t. I was a little worried about what to do with the card after that, but then I remembered another one of my friends is having a birthday real soon, and it would be the perfect one for them. So the card won’t go to waste after all. That was some good news, but I needed to do something to make up for it. I don’t know if you guys know, but I take being an archery buddy very seriously. I had to do something I’d never done before. I had to step it up. So, I eventually came up with an idea, though it was almost kind of last minute. Thursday, I decided I would write her a poem. Yep, I decided to utilize my poetry writing skills instead since my card picking skills failed. And it wasn’t like any of my normal poems that I would write when I feel like I have an idea. I used a style I hardly ever use, if at all, I wrote a haiku. A special birthday haiku, just for my archery buddy. Isn’t that nice? I thought so. Though to make sure it was good enough, after I wrote I had a couple of my friends read it, and they both said it was good. Now, I wasn’t planning on just writing the poem and giving it to her directly. I decided I was going to make it a special birthday post on her Facebook wall Friday. So, Thursday, the only thing I ended up getting to do is wish her a happy early birthday, because of the chance of not having school Friday, which we didn’t.

Now Friday, the only thing I needed to worry about (since there wasn’t school) was the possibility of us not having internet connection because of the weather. So, for like, the whole day up until I got on the computer, I was praying we would have internet, at least until I got the haiku posted on her wall. And you know what? I got really lucky that day. There was internet, and I was able to get it on her wall, and I was even on there long enough to see that she liked it. I was so relieved, because not long after she liked it, Facebook itself quit working for a little bit, so I went to do other things. Thank goodness it worked out. After that our internet was down for 3 days straight because of the snow.


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