The First Archery Match of the Season (And The Weekend)

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Archery, School & Life

So everyone, as you know, this past Friday, we had our first archery match of this season! Before I tell you about that, though, I’ll tell you about the scouting I did beforehand, as much as I really wouldn’t like to that much…

Alright then, so after school, I walked outside to wait for our leader to get there with the others. When we left, the first place we went to was a restaurant to eat. That was interesting. I would tell you what everyone got to eat, but I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you that that was the beginning of my public embarrassment. In my group, there’s this one member, and she is a sadist! Yep. Sadist. She usually likes to torment us, and, even though I’m used to it, it gets a little annoying. The only reason I let her do it at all is because she is still my friend. One of these days, though, she might cross the line, and if that happens, I won’t let her do anything to me again. She also dragged me all through the store we went to next, by the arm! Other than that, though, I had a good time. I always have lots of fun with them, despite that one person. The main reason we were at the store is to get candy canes to hand out to the elderly living a t a local nursing home, and our leader asked me if I wanted to get candy canes for the archery team. I thought that was a really good idea, so I got three boxes. She also ended up buying us all Santa hats, except for the sadist, who I don’t think likes Christmas that much, especially the music. After all that, they brought me back to school for the archery match, then they left to go do Christmas-type things. I walked into the gym wearing my Santa hat, and saw that only 2 people were there. So, I went to tell the coach that I’d brought candy canes for everyone, she said that was cool, then I started hanging out with the people already there, and I began to hand out candy canes to people as they arrived, all while wearing my Santa hat. What can I say? I’m very passionate about the holidays. I have a lot or Christmas Spirit, that’s for sure! I was having a good time, the only thing is, my archery buddy. She ended up not showing up, after I had talked to her earlier about it when I was standing outside after school. I asked her if she was excited, she said not really, because it’s intramural. I asked her what if it was a regular match, she said she didn’t know. And that itself saddens me. She didn’t exactly come back to the team by her own free will, I guess her dad made her join again, and I know she feels burned out, but I wish she would try to enjoy archery more. I mean, everyone (especially me) enjoys having her on the team, and I know she loves the people, but still…

Anyway, she wasn’t there, and I was kind of sad at first, but I still had fun, of course. I did end up having a good time, but my score could’ve been better. I did better at all the practices before than I did at that match! Can you believe that? Oh, well. I know I still have some improving to do before I can become #1 and achieve my goal of being the first female archer to shoot a perfect 300. I’ve got to work hard! Oh, and the results of the match: the team was split by our school colors (you know, color vs. color), and I forgot which one I was on, but the one I was on was the one that won. So that was pretty cool, despite my score that could’ve been better. Hey, I’m always improving.

Now about the weekend. Nothing really happened, I just wanted to give the news that my brother will be transferring from his current school (he’s in 6th grade, but where he goes 6th grade is still elementary) to the middle school that I went to, because he really hates his teacher. I’m so excited about that! I hope he joins some club there or has an event that family can come to, so I’ll finally be able to go back to the middle school and see my old teachers! Again, I’m really excited. It’s most likely that if he has any of my old teachers, hopefully they remember me, they’ll ask if he’s related! That’s gonna be awesome.


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