It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Posted: December 18, 2013 in School & Life

Hey everyone, I’m back again to tell you about what happened yesterday (Monday, because despite what the date is for this post, It’s still the 17th as I post this) when I went scouting at the local nursing home.

Now, let me remind you that it had been around this time last year that was the last time we went (before I started this blog). Although, I do remember us getting to hang out longer last time. Last time was great; the best part was me getting to play Dominos with two nice elderly ladies. I’d played with Dominos before, but I never knew how to play the actual game. When I was little, I always used them to build with. I was so excited when we finally went back. Elderly people are so wise, and most of the time their words are inspiring, because the second person we visited, an elderly woman, told us we should do something special for someone for Christmas, something no one else would be doing. I took those words to heart. The only thing is, I have to pick a person and find something really special I could do. Guess we’ll see how that turns out. Anyways, I told one of my friends that coming here to see these elderly folk and cheer them up a little always warms my heart. She said it makes her a little sad, though. I understood where she was coming from, because of them having to stay in that home, not being able to take care of themselves, some not even having any family. But like I said, it’s always good when we can go and cheer them up. Something emotional happened after we had been there awhile. We were walking in one of the hallways, and we passed an elderly man in a wheelchair. The main reason we were there was to hand out candy canes to them, so we gave him one. Then he spoke. He spoke to us, we wished him a Merry Christmas, and then, as we were walking away, we noticed another one of my friends had begun to cry. So, our leader stopped to ask her what was wrong. She said the man sounded just like her grandpa, who died about a year ago. I thought it made her sad, but it actually made her a little happy, because it felt like her grandpa was there and she was seeing him again. In the end, we all ended up giving her a hug, even when she kept telling us she was okay. After that, we went and visited a few more people, and I ended up leaving a little earlier then everyone else. I can’t wait to go back, because our leader said that, when we go back again in a couple months, we’ll actually have time to just hang around with all the elderly people. I definitely want to play Dominos again.


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