Silent Soldier (New Poem, New Style)

Posted: December 18, 2013 in Poetry

So everyone, this poem is the result of a little experimentation I thought I’d do with a different style. I’m just putting this out to get some friendly criticism. No harsh words please, I just want to know whether it’s bad so I can scrap it, or if it’s good so I can keep it.
You there, please look here
I need you to see me now
Search the dark, cloudy skies
If you look hard enough
You’ll find my signal flare
When you see me, don’t pass me by
Please, please don’t pass by
For I am wounded, deeply wounded
Though you may not notice at first
Who am I, you wonder?
I am one with a broken heart
A tortured soul left for dead
By the world closing in around me
Please help me heal
Will you heed my cries?
These words are my SOS
Please act before it’s too late
Before my fire dies out
Who am I, you ask?
I am but a silent soldier
Fighting the war of emotions
From deep within the soul
I fight to keep the flame alive
The flame flickering within my heart
A flame that’s so close to burning out
Though the war will never truly end
Comfort me, please, my friend
This battle has raged for far too long
Can you set me free?
  1. archerpoet says:

    By the way, the format it’s in isn’t the original format, all the lines are supposed to be double-spaced.



    Just so you know.

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