Holiday Excitements & Still Unanswered Questions

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Archery, School & Life

Hey everyone. I would’ve posted earlier, but I have been somewhat busy, since I’ve been officially on Christmas Break since school ended Friday! WOOHOO! Yep, that’s right! I’m free for the next 2 weeks, and it’s almost only a couple days now until Christmas! I’m super excited!  I can’t wait until Christmas Eve the day before, because that’s the day we always open our presents. But anyway, I guess I should tell you things that happened this past week.  Actually, I think I’ll just tell you how archery practice went Tuesday and Friday.  Tuesday’s practice was… interesting. I think I found my own unique style of shooting, and I’m pretty sure I finally found an aiming point, though it doesn’t always work. You see, both days we shot all our rounds from the 15m line. That’s where I’ve been having the most trouble. After shooting the first couple times, I realized that I had become strong enough to actually shoot where I aim, at least from 15m.  Every time I shot, my aim would be a little above the target before releasing, and I would slowly lower it to the center. Now, like I said, it didn’t work every time, it does need a little adjusting. But I noticed that some of the time I was able to hit near the center when I aimed there. I don’t know what the problem is this season, but I seem to be having more trouble this year, even as a seasoned vet.  A question I’ve been asking myself lately: Do I even have what it takes to be #1? I mean, I’ve been working super hard to keep my grades up, all because of archery. Well, and a promise. Now, breaking that promise is the last thing I would want to do, because it was to my archery buddy, but you see, I think something’s happened with us. Something’s different between my archery buddy and I, I can feel it. I don’t know what it is, but it feels like… we may be growing apart. Well, if we were ever close in the first place, because I STILL DON’T EVEN KNOW!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to just, pour my heart out, or whatever, like that. But still… it kinda bothers me. Just Thursday, I noticed she had texted me the Friday we had our first match, and what she needed wasn’t too drastic, but still, she could’ve needed me for something really important. So Friday, I apologized to her and said that if she did ever need me, for anything at all, she knows how to get in touch. She said it was no big deal, but it was to me, because I don’t want to let any of my friends down. You know, I don’t think anyone knows just how seriously I take my friendships. Sure, some of my friends like to mess with me, but that’s only because of the fact they are my friends. If it were any other case, I wouldn’t let it happen. If any of my friends is ever in danger, of course I would try to protect them. After that, I tried to tell her we still needed to hang out, but was unable, so I texted her. I still haven’t heard back. I know, some of you might think I take it too seriously, and, maybe you’re right, maybe I do. I just don’t think I can help it though. It’s in my nature. I just wish I knew someone who could understand. I really hope something works out, and soon. There are still a lot of things I need to know.

Happy Holidays everyone!

P.S. I will post a follow-up of this post at a later date, as in soon, as in, maybe tomorrow. We will see.


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