Finally Back

Posted: January 10, 2014 in School & Life

Hey everyone. It’s been what, 13 days since I last posted? Sorry about that. Listen, I didn’t mean to abandon you guys and my blog like that, but the thing is, my internet was out for awhile. Not only that, we missed the first 3 days of school this week (the week we were supposed to come back from break) because of snow. Well the good news is, I’m finally back.

Alright, so it seems I have some new missions. They aren’t related, but both of my missions are to see certain people I haven’t seen for awhile, some longer than others. Who are they? Well, all I can say for now is an old friend, and a relative I haven’t seen in quite sometime, longer than my friend. I haven’t seen my friend in 3 years, while I haven’t seen that relative in nearly 8 years. I’m going to start working hard so that I can get something set up so I can see them both again, separately of course, because like I said, they know nothing of each other. I have to see my old friend before I graduate high school, because I made a promise to her. Well, sort of. I can’t give you any more details right now, but next week I plan to tell you who that relative is. With that, I’ll give you a little bit of a backstory so you’ll know why I haven’t seen them so long.



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