What A Week

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Archery

Hey everyone, looks like I went over a week without posting again. Sorry about that, I just sometimes get so caught up in the things going on around me in my life. Let me tell you, a lot of crazy stuff has been happening. For example, this past week, we only had school Monday and Tuesday. I was kind of worried about that at first. Why? Because Friday was supposed to be the State Qualifying match for the archery team. But then, Wednesday, I got a call from our coach (and by the way, I have no idea how she got my number), and she said we would have to shoot to qualify by Sunday, then she gave me 2 options: Shoot Thursday at a new place to shoot archery, or shoot Saturday somewhere else. I ended up shooting Thursday, because I was already going to be out anyway. Guess what, though? Only five people altogether showed up to shoot. That’s not even half the team! So, I know everyone else shot Saturday. I saw a few Facebook updates. One of them said we qualified, but then she told us what we scored and said she didn’t really know. I know we’ll get it though, just like last season! I believe in my team, and, hopefully, we believe in ourselves! Also, there are others on the outside that believe in us as well. So my followers, I ask you: Do you believe in us?


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