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Posted: February 18, 2014 in School & Life

Yes sir, that’s exactly what I have for you guys! Remember that long-lost best friend I sort of told you about in a previous post? I’m one step away from having contact with her once again! Since you don’t know the whole story, though, I’ll tell it to you right now. It all started my 3rd grade year in elem. school. Kindergarten thru 2nd grade, I had gone to the same school. However, my 2nd grade teacher was a jerk who obviously hated my guts, because she had it set up for me to go to a different school within the county for 3rd grade. You know what that meant, new places, new faces, new surroundings, and a chance to make new friends. Let’s be honest though, at first I thought I was going to DIE. At that time, I had had bad behavior issues (yeah, I know, pretty surprising, huh?). So, the first part of the year I was placed in some kind of special needs class for students with disabilities and behavior problems (yep, definitely not a part of my past I like to get into). However, I finally got my act together and was eventually put into a normal 3rd grade class. That’s where things began to change drastically. That’s, where I met my best friend ever. She started off as a new student, having arrived not too long after I was placed into that class. I had a boat load of guts and almost no shame back then, so I was the first one to talk to her. As you can see, it was fated by the stars for us to meet. Yes. Well, I don’t know if I’d go that far, but it was definitely destiny, I know that for sure. Anyway, we hit it off pretty good, even managing to add a third member to our crew, though to this day I have no idea whatsoever what happened to her (maybe I’ll find her too someday and we’ll get the whole original trio back together!). That year was also the first year I decided to join the girls’ basketball team. Man, am I glad I did, it was so much fun! The sad thing is, though, that most of the friends I made back then because of being on the basketball team either moved away, or don’t even talk to me at all anymore because they turned into preps. It tore me up at first, but I’ve managed to get over it over the years. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of true friends where I am now, right? Anyhow, after I went back to my original school for the rest of my elem. school days, I thought for sure that I would most likely never encounter her ever again. Little did I know, she moved to my school our 4th grade year also! That year made our friendship only that much stronger. How? Not only because of another year of being at the same school together, but, sadly, we faced plenty of hardships as well. I don’t even know how it began, or why at all. Everyone I knew, even my closest friends I’d known from the beginning, started hating on my new best friend. Did I mention that? We were best friends, as in, “two people who hang out with mostly each other and hardly anyone else,” best friends. People started making up stories about how she was really using me, but I knew with all my heart that what they were saying couldn’t be true. So, we stayed strong, and faced that heavy storm together, just like true best friends are supposed to. After that year, she moved away again. I didn’t see her again until over a year after that, as in, my 6th grade year, my first year in middle school, and, also, the worst school year of my life. I think it was close to the middle of the year she moved back, I can’t remember exactly, but I do remember one morning waiting to get on the bus. One of my (partially former) friends (at that time) looked at me and said, “Hey archerpoet, (BFF’s name)’s back.” Of course, I was just like “WHERE THE FRICK IS SHE, I WANT TO SEE HER NOW!” Well, I didn’t exactly say that out loud, but I did at least say, “Where is she?” I was still wondering that when I got onto the bus, then, all of a sudden, something from within urged me to look up. So I did, and there she was, just getting on the bus. I swear, my heart almost thumped out of my chest that day. She sat in one of the front seats, I was in the back, so I decided to surprise her from behind. I don’t remember exactly what it was that I did and said, but, boy, was she happy to see me. And of course, I was overjoyed to be in her presence once again after our (sort of) brief absence of each other. The first thing we did was talk about how things had been going with each other. Then, she gave me a drawing of a dragon. Those were a couple of our mutual likes, art and dragons. She was only at middle school with me for a short time before moving away again, though. Things were nothing like the way they’d used to be. It really bummed me out, though, because she was my best friend. After that, I was really 100% sure this time that I would never see her again. Luckily, we were able to keep in touch through Facebook awhile after that. Like I said, I thought I wasn’t ever going to see her again in person, at least for a long time. However, about 2-3 years after that, I got the chance of a lifetime. It was when I was in 8th grade, back in March of 2011, my grandparents and I went on a trip to a nearby state to see relatives during my Spring Break. Now, I found out about this ahead of time, and it turns out that where she lived at the time wasn’t that long a drive from where we were the day we planned to leave to go back home. So, I told her on FB, and we got plans all worked out, and I got to see her again, for the last time. It was awesome! She knew we were coming, but she didn’t know when. Like I said, it was during my Spring Break, but, her living in a different state and all, she was still in school, so we arrived a little early and had to wait for her to get home. When she finally came, I hid behind my grandparents, because she didn’t know who they were at the time. I hid, and I heard her asking who they were, and then, after a couple more seconds, I emerged from my hiding place. She was so excited, and so was I! We had such a great time that day, even if it was short. We went out to eat, then we went shopping, and ended up having a Nerf sword fight in the toy aisle for at least 10 minutes before a worker finally came by and told us to stop. That was a lot of fun. It was one of the best days I ever had, the sad thing is, though, I don’t even remember how we said goodbye to each other. I haven’t seen or heard anything from her since. It’s been nearly 3 years now. However, as you all know now, I finally found a person that can help me get back in touch with her! An actual friend of her family, who gets to see her often. I posted a picture of us to FB, and I was not expecting such quick replies! Very soon now, I’ll be getting her address, and then I’ll be able to write her. Also, my grandparents are planning to go on another trip to that state for some sort of event, so God willing I’ll finally be able to see her smiling face in person again, and the world will begin to sing such a song of joy, no one will be able to ignore it! Thank you, God, for answering my prayers, I will see my best friend again! Isn’t it wonderful?


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