Practice Results: Tuesday & Wednesday

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Archery

Hello again everyone, I’m back after only 3 days for a new post! And, as you should know from the title, I’m going to tell you about the last 2 archery practices I had.

Tuesday: Such an awesome practice. We didn’t score, we only just practiced shooting for the State Tournament this upcoming Saturday (only 2 more days, I can’t wait!), but we all shot at foam cups. Let me tell you something, me and the teammate I was shooting with totally shot the crap out of that cup! Well, mostly me, but the guy did pretty awesome too! That cup was all kinds of jacked up after I got done with it. It was so awesome, I actually ended up taking the cup home with me to show my family how awesome I shot! I know, you probably think that’s kinda crazy, right? Well, actually, I never would’ve thought about it if one of the assistant coaches brought it up.

Wednesday: Wasn’t as awesome a practice as Tuesday. I shot a really awesome group with the guy I was shooting with when we were shooting from 10 meters, that was totally cool. Then, we moved back to 15 meters, which is where I usually do best now, but I actually ended up doing pretty crappy. The best guess I have is that I got worn out running around the school beforehand. I will now explain that to you. If you know me personally, you know I can get a little crazy at times. So, before practice, I decided to do something crazy and run around the school. Yep. In the process, I managed to freak out my friend I made this year, the one I need to protect, because, by some odd coincidence, I ran so hard that I was worn out by the time I got to her and ended up collapsing at her feet. After that, she was like, “What the heck?!” And then, after collapsing, I turned up, looked at her, and was just like, “Oh. Hey.” Crazy right? So, I decided to hang with her a little bit until her bus came to pick her up. Then I ran back to the gym, and collapsed on the gym floor. I was laying there, trying to catch my breath, and my coach kept telling me to get up and come over to where everyone was. After I continued to lay, three of my senior teammates actually decided to grab me by the arms and legs and drag me over there! This is 100% true, for real. The whole time they were dragging me, I kept yelling, “Let go of me, you maniacs!”. It wasn’t that long of an ordeal though, since everyone wasn’t far away from where I was laying. Yeah, that’s what I did before practice yesterday. Come back for my next post!


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