Spring Break Happenings

Posted: April 1, 2014 in School & Life

Alright everyone, now this is the post where I tell you about my out-of-state trip I took with my family over Spring Break. So, almost my whole family went on the trip, my brother couldn’t come because his mom was being a butt. We went out of state to see my cousin, the one who I’ve known for years and have a really close, sister-like relationship with, and her grandparents, my great aunt and uncle. To start off, I’m going to sum it up right here: This trip was nowhere near as good as the last time we went. I mean, I enjoyed myself, but it seems like things were too different this time. We still went to the same places, though. I think the reason things were so different is because my dad was with us. Usually when we go up there, it’s just me and my grandparents. This time, though, my dad came along. And, because of that, I had to stay in a hotel with him both nights. Don’t get me wrong, the hotel was nice, but I actually would have preferred staying at my aunt and uncle’s place again like the time before. I have to admit though, the trip there did provide some opportunities to test a new skill I’m learning. Get this: I’m learning to predict the weather by looking at the clouds and observing other forms of nature. You know, without technology. And guess what? I’d only been learning a few days, but I was able to make a couple pretty accurate predictions. Sweet, right? Anyway, to sum the trip up, I’ll give it to you in parts. When we first got there, it was Thursday, and my cousin was still in school, because her Spring Break is sometime this month. At first, her stepdad (who isn’t very nice, but I might get into that later) wasn’t going to let her come, but then he decided to just let her. So, I rode to her house with my uncle and dad, and I went in to fetch her (well, rescue her is more like it). We didn’t get to start doing things that day, so we just hung out. After it got later in the day, my dad and I decided to go to the hotel for the night. When we woke the next day, we went down to the lobby and had some breakfast. It was pretty good, but it could’ve been better. When we left the hotel, my dad had to go to the bank to withdraw some money for certain necessities. After that, we went to the local Wal-Mart, and I actually ended up getting to buy something I really wanted, so I was pretty happy. Then we went to my aunt and uncle’s place to wait for my cousin to get off from school. When she finally did get off, we were finally able to start going places. Like the mall. The mall over there is awesome, every time we’re over there that’s one of the places we always go. Anyways, we looked in my favorite store first, and then a couple other places, and I ended up getting some pretty awesome stuff. When we finished up, we did something else we always do after finishing up, we got ice cream! It was awesome. Skipping ahead, when the day was done, my dad and me decided to go back to the hotel for another night, but this time my cousin stayed with us. We ended up staying up until about 2 AM almost. It was pretty fun, but it could have been more fun. And now, to sum the rest of it up, the next day, after hanging out a little while longer, we went back home. When we finally got back, I was so happy, and you know why that is. I told my grandma something after that. I told her, the next time we go on a trip, I just want it to be a family trip. You know, not a trip to see other family, but just a vacation. It was crazy.


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