Happenings of This Week (And Miracles)

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Archery, My Story as A Poet, School & Life
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Hey everyone, it’s been a few days since I posted last, hasn’t it? Well, at least it hasn’t been too awfully long. Before this week, though, I’ll tell you about this past weekend. So, this past Friday, we had an archery match. It was against a team we’d gone against before, and, before anything else, I’ll just say that we did win, by 70+ points. Awesome right? Alright, so I was in the first flight, awesomely, because the first couple matches they’d put me in the second flight, but I’ve worked my way up and still going! After I was done shooting, my archery buddy had one of her relatives babies (I would suppose) and was playing with him. She and two of my other archery teammates then went out into the hallway to play with a volleyball with the baby, so I decided to go along with them. We had a lot of fun while the second flight was shooting. Here comes the most interesting part: I actually reconnected with an old friend, who I hadn’t seen since elem. school. I don’t think he remembered me at first (I did remember him, obviously), but then I started talking about myself, and after I told him my name, he said he remembered me. Then something completely unexpected happened. Out of nowhere, he whipped his phone out in front of me and said, “Put in your number.” This is how I responded: “Whaaaaaaaat?” He repeated it, so then I was just like, “Okay, whatever…” So I put in my number, and now we text a little every day. Don’t get the wrong idea though. One of my friends thinks he’s totally crushing on me because of that, but he’s really not. He said himself he’s just happy to talk to an old friend. I feel the same way.

Now, onto the next day. Saturday, that is the day I had a Grand Adventure exploring a big city with of my friends. Yep, we went to a convention in a big, fancy hotel, played an awesome video game in a dark gaming room for literally two hours, then we walked all around the huge city. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. So, now about this week.

Hmmm…. What to tell you about first? Well, I could skip to Wednesday, but I think I’ll tell you about something amazing that went down Tuesday. On that day, a miracle happened… On that day, I was finally able to voice all my true feelings for the first time. On that day, I really did do a full on confession of the heart. I talked to my friend who, if you recall, I feel I’m supposed to protect (if not reference previous posts). I just told her what she really means to me, you know, as a friend. I must have struck some kind of chord, because she started getting a little emotional. So yeah, Tuesday was definitely awesome. And Wednesday! You won’t believe what happened on Wednesday! Well, yesterday at the time of this writing. The first awesome thing I did: I was able to get excused from my 2nd period class in order to go to a 2nd period English 9 class, one for the people that failed it their freshman year, and I got to read 2 of my poems, that I wrote, in front of them. I know, you must be thinking, “Wow, that’s awesome!” And it was awesome. My reception was good, and I don’t know if it was because there were people in there that actually know me or what, but oh, well. It was still good! Now, skipping to later that day after school, what happened at archery practice is the craziest thing that happened that day. So, it’s Wednesday practice, right? Hardly anyone shows up for Wednesday practice. It wasn’t a match, it wasn’t an invitational, it was Wednesday practice, and guess what? I got a new season high! It only went up one point to 260, but still! New high score! At a Wednesday practice! How awesome is that?


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