Stop Everything And Read This Post Immediately (You Won’t Regret It)

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Archery, School & Life
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Hey everyone, sorry for not posting for 11 days, this past week was really interesting and awesome. And that is exactly what I’m about to tell you about. First, I’ll start with Monday, of course. When I got to school Monday, the day played out well, like any other normal day, except for when I was going to my 6th period class. That’s when things got crazy. Remember that friend I feel I’m supposed to protect? I knew she was the right one! I knew she’s that certain friend I was looking for for so long. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I actually did end up having to protect her! What’d I tell you? Seems pretty darn legit, now, doesn’t it? Anyways, I was heading to my 6th period class, which is where she was coming from, and one of my insane friends who has that class with me walked out of the room behind her and started pushing her around. So, I made the daring rescue. I told people that we could have almost gotten into a fight, but I was sure it wouldn’t turn into anything serious. Even so, I jumped in immediately as that started to happen. Even if it didn’t end up getting serious, I was prepared for anything at that point in time. That’s who I am. If you didn’t know, I’ve done research on my personality type, and many articles say that people with my type serve excellently as protectors. It is my destiny! If that one time isn’t proof of that, guess what? It happened again, Wednesday. I was able to run my insane friend off pretty quick that time, plus it was outside after school. Also, Wednesday is when I finally embraced another part of my destiny. If you can remember way, way back during the beginnings of this blog (if not, please reference), I have (or did have) a talent not a lot of people know about. Are you ready for it?


I sing. Yep, that’s right! I’ve been singing most of my life, but no one outside my family had ever heard me sing. That is, until Wednesday. That was the day the try-outs for our school talent show began. I was excited about that, because I was planning to do the show last year, but we actually ended up not even having one. So anyways, I auditioned Wednesday. I was actually thinking about doing it that Thursday, because the auditions lasted 2 days, and I was in the middle of archery practice, but in the end I decided to take votes from my teammates, and the majority of them voted that I do it then, because they wanted to watch me. So, I did. You should have seen it. I was the last one to audition, and when I did, my whole archery team, who was still practicing, stopped everything they were doing to come and watch me! Now, before I get into what happened, let me tell you, there was a time in my life where I never would have done something like that. But I did! I went up and sang in front of all that were there! I guess I did okay, because my reception was pretty good. And, guess what? I found out Friday that I made it into the show! It wasn’t my best, though. I just did good enough so that I would make, and now I have, so, at the show, I’m gonna go all out! I auditioned, I made it, and now I’m going to do my best to win. Not for just myself, though, but for my friends and everyone I care about. I went and told all my friends, and a lot of them are planning to come to the show and support me. It’s times like these I think about how truly lucky I am. I don’t want to let them down! Wish me luck!


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