Huge, HUGE News

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Archery, School & Life
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Alright everyone, I have some seriously awesome, huge news! I would’ve told you earlier this week, but I was busy posting about the talent show last week. So, I don’t know if I mentioned this yet, but if I didn’t, tomorrow just happens to be Nationals for archery. It’s awesome, because, just like last year, we’ll miss school. Although, we are shooting really early in the morning, even before school usually starts! But that’s where I got my opportunity. Over the weekend, I got a call from my coach. She said that NASP was looking for someone to open the tournament by singing the National Anthem. She asked me if I wanted her to send in my name, because they’d seen me try out for the talent show and thought I was good, and, after thinking about it a little bit, I said sure. Although she didn’t know if I would get picked for sure, because other archers’ names were being sent in too. I said alright. So, a couple days later, on Monday, she called me back awhile after school. I answered and said, “Hey coach, what’s up?” She said, “Well archerpoet, I think you know what I’m calling you about.” “I’m pretty sure I do, but just tell me anyways,” I said. She said, “Well, it’s official. You’re the one they picked to open the tournament by singing the National Anthem!” Of course, when she said that I nearly fell out of my bed (which I was sitting in). We talked about it a little more after that, then we ended the call. As soon as I set down my phone, I got my shoes back on, ran outside where my dad and grandma were working, and told them about it. They were really excited! They weren’t expecting me to tell them that, that’s for sure. How huge is that?! That’s going to be the biggest thing I’ve done in my life so far! I was so excited after that, I didn’t think I was gonna be able to sleep that night. Luckily though, I was. As soon as I got to school, in my 1st period class, I told my friend (you know which one), and she was excited too! She was talking about how huge it was, and I was just like, “I know right?!” And so, by the course of that day and the day after that, I’d pretty much told everyone I know about it. However, there are at least a couple members of the team that don’t know, but they’ll just have to find out tomorrow. In other news, I just want to talk about something that happened yesterday. It was during lunch when I was in the library. I walked in after I was done eating, and I noticed that my friend’s (the one I protect) boyfriend was already sitting where he usually does when their lunch comes around (we have 3 separate lunches). I walked up and said, “Hey, you’re already here.” So I said what’s up and, for the first couple minutes, we didn’t really say anything, but then something happened that I never would have expected. He started talking to me, but he wasn’t just joking around the whole time like he usually did when his girlfriend (my friend) was there, we had a serious heart-to-heart. He started telling me about his relationship with my friend, and how much he loved her and cared about her. He told me, that she was the only girlfriend he ever had that he ever really cared about. He told me, that everything he does he does with her in mind, that she’s his whole world. He said he used to get bummed out a lot, especially when she was dating another guy (who she’d dated for 3 years, but had started being not-so-good towards her, which is why they broke up). He said, he really hopes they can always be together, and that he wished he was able to convey his true feelings in a way she would understand, even though they were already dating. Then he said, “I guess I’m getting kinda sappy, sorry about that. But really, you’re the only one of (name)’s friends that I’ve actually really talked too, so I thought I could just talk to you about this and you wouldn’t care.” I said, “Yeah, of course. I mean, we are friends, right?” He said yes. So I said, “Well then, if you just want to talk about things like that, I’ll be glad to listen to what you have to say.” After I said that, I guess it made him feel pretty good to know he could confide in me about his feelings for my friend. After that, the 3rd lunch started, and he went out to meet her. I waited for them to come back, and they did, but I guess they missed each other, because my friend came in without him. Right when we were about to go look for him, he walked in. We sat down, and eventually told her that we were talking about her. We never got to tell her why, though, because a teacher walked up and told us to be quiet. So then, for the next little bit, it was just me between two groups of my friends who were couples. After awhile, I decided to say something. So, I reached over, put my arm around my friend, and told her that she has a good guy going for her, one who really loves and cares about her, and I told her to make sure to not let go of him. She said she knew, and she wouldn’t. As you can tell, it was a very heartfelt and touching moment in time, one that really changed my perspective of her boyfriend. The rest of that day was really good. Now, in a really quick summary of what today’s been like so far, we had to evacuate the building because of a bomb threat, and we stood outside in the hot sun for almost an hour. Luckily, we did go back inside after awhile, and we eventually did go back to class, because nothing ever happened. The good thing about that happening is, it made the length of our last 3 classes a lot shorter, and I’m in 6th right now, when we’d all normally be in 7th. And tomorrow, I don’t have to come to school except to get on the bus to leave for Nationals! Wish me luck guys!


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