NASP Nationals 2014 (And After-Events)

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Archery, School & Life
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What’s up, fellow WordPress bloggers, I’m back, and here to tell you about this Friday! Oh, and stuff that happened after. Also, the following weekend, but that will be pretty short. Friday. We had to get up really, REALLY early in the morning to take off for Nationals. We were scheduled to shoot at 8 AM, and my singing of the National Anthem was scheduled for 10 minutes before that. When we got there, I was almost late to meet the guy that was described in the e-mail that was sent to my coach when they were looking for someone. However, I was still able to make it with a few minutes to spare. It all happened so fast! First, the announcer welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to participate in the tournament, and the next thing I knew, I was singing, “Oh, say can you see..” into the mic. Let me put it mildly: It wasn’t my best performance, but I was miraculously able to go through with it. I’ll tell you what it was, it was the fear of letting not only my teammates that were there with me, but my friends who who were back at school, down. After it was over, I slowly began to walk back to where my team was waiting to begin shooting. As I got closer, I was silently awaiting any harsh criticism that might come, but, I don’t know why I was really worried in the first place. When I got back, everyone said I did pretty well. My Dad made it all make sense, too, because, not only was I fighting a scratchy throat, but also not-very-good audio feedback from the mic. Still though, a couple of my friends agreed that my voice does still need work, actually even more than I thought before. But that’s no problem, because I’ll keep singing, and keep working on my voice so that one day I’ll be able to sing in whatever pitch I want! You can count on that!

So then, after that, we shot, and I didn’t do as good as I could have (a little like last year), but I was able to come back pretty strong on the very last round, so I wasn’t really bummed out. When it was all done, we had over 3 hours to go look around at all the booths and stuff they had. And, like last year, we had to always have a buddy because, like I said last year, the buddy system is super-effective. Unlike last year, however, I didn’t buddy up with my archery buddy, because she didn’t ride the bus this year. So, I ended up getting together with my freshman friend that I made at the beginning of the season. We had a lot of fun! First, we went and had fun acting like little kids again when we bought all-day bracelet passes for the 2 inflatable obstacle courses they had set up. After that, we went and stuffed ourselves with pizza, donuts and ice cream. The rest of the time after that, we went and hung out with a few other teammates. So yeah, it was pretty awesome. When we finally left Nationals, we stopped and got food at a local restaurant, although, I didn’t get anything to eat because I still wasn’t hungry from all the food I ate at the tournament. By the time we got back to school, we still had a little bit of the day left, so most of my teammates who hadn’t already gone home decided to just go to their last 2 classes. So, I went and made a surprise entrance to my 6th period class. It’s an online class, and I didn’t have any of my things so I just decided to hang out and talk to my teacher about what happened during the last few minutes of that class. After that was over, I decided not to go to my 7th period because I wasn’t signed into school anyway, so that counted as an excused absence. Although, the main reason I stayed there wasn’t because I didn’t want to go to 7th period, but because it just so happened that my friend I protect was coming to that class, and she thought I wasn’t going to be there the whole day, so I decided to surprise her. It was awesome! She was really happened to see me, and she actually said she missed me a lot while I was gone, and I was really touched. She got even more excited when I told her that, since I technically wasn’t even there because I wasn’t signed in, I would be staying in that class with her. It was really great, because the whole time we just sat and talked, and I thought it was really nice. When school ended, I saw her and her boyfriend off when their bus came, then, shortly after, my Dad came and picked me up. So, you should know, I felt pretty darn wonderful after that. Over that weekend (this past weekend), I ended up getting pretty sick, but luckily, it didn’t last that long. In a current update, I was able to recover enough that I was able to get to school today. A few interesting things happened today, but I think I’ll post about them tomorrow. Come back for my next post!


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