Finals So Far & Other Happenings

Posted: June 4, 2014 in School & Life
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Well everyone, to cut straight to the point, I’ve had 2 finals so far, one yesterday and one today. We’re supposed to have two more today, but in the classes I have for those periods, we aren’t having a final exam, because one is study hall, and in the other we were already working on a final project, and I presented mine yesterday. So, this week hasn’t been bad, it’s actually been pretty good when it comes to finals, I’ll only have one tomorrow, then two Friday. Although, in other news, some things have been happening, and pretty recently. Just this morning in my first class, where I first see my best friend. After class started, (the period was shortened because of finals, so we were just working on different things), I went to the back of the classroom to see my best friend. She looked pretty bummed out, so, I asked her if she was okay. She just shrugged at first, but then she decided to tell me. When she did, I understood completely. I won’t give you all the details, but I’ll just tell you that one of her friends tried to do something that would have been very bad. Luckily, they weren’t successful. Still, it made her pretty sad. We talked more about it, and I gave her the best advice I could. But then, what do I know? I’ve never experienced anything like what she was experiencing. That’s where another hurdle comes along. After that class was over, and when I got to my second period, the whole time I just sat there, second-guessing myself. I couldn’t help but wonder, even though we are similar in ways, will the differences of our lives outside of school affect our friendship? Am I really the kind of best friend she needs, or would she be better off with someone who’s actually been through a lot of similar things she has? Well, maybe in certain ways. The only thing that I am absolutely, 100% sure of, is this: I can only do my best, which is what I have been doing, and, no matter what, I’ll always do whatever I can to help her out. There’s not much one single person can do at once, but, over time, the little things we do for the people we care about add up little by little. It takes time and effort to make a difference in anyone’s life, and, sometimes, it might seem impossible. However, as long as we see the worth in our struggles, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. We just have to put our minds to it, stay focused and never give up. Wow, this sounds like it should’ve been posted on my other blog. Anyway, what I need to do, at least for now, is just keep doing my best. Although, there are times when I get scared thinking that, one of these days, not even my best will be good enough. Still, I must push on. Farewell for now, my loyal followers. Come back for my next post!

P.S. Just so you know, tomorrow, our school will be taking our laptops away for the end of the year, so this is probably my last post through my school laptop. Well, at least for this year.


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