Revelations & Future Decisions

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Archery, School & Life

Dear loyal followers, I’m very sorry it’s been over two weeks since I posted, but there are good reasons for it. For this post, so much has happened that I’ll just have to summarize things as much as possible. First of all, after all this time, I’ve finally been able to release all my burdens and start to feel the most free I’ve ever felt! I just quit worrying about things I have no control over, and things just started getting better from there! Awesome, right? Oh, and I have some even bigger news! Last week, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. I’ve decided to do something I never really thought I would actually do. I’ve actually decided… to try to get into college! Yep, that’s right! Of all the colleges I’ve ever looked at, none had ever piqued my interest more than the one I decided I would like to attend. What will I be majoring in? Music, of course! Although, even if I wasn’t going to major in music, I already know I also would’ve liked to major in psychology. I find human behavior to be very interesting, and like to see what makes people do what they do. I’ll actually be in a psychology class next term before I graduate, so I’m excited about that. Moving on to something else that has absolutely nothing to do with what you just read, I was finally able to make sure of something very important to me. I was able to make sure that where I stood with my best friend was actually where I stood. Since becoming my best friend’s best friend, I’ve also come to realize how much I really care about her. Normally, best friend is second in importance only after lover, but since I’m pretty much destined to be single for life… Well, you know what I’m saying. I take the responsibility of being a best friend very seriously. There are very few things I value over my friendships. Anyway, just yesterday, I was able to apply to the college online, and, after three visits with my guidance counselor, everything is pretty much complete, which I am very happy about! There is one thing I have to do, though, before I can actually have any kind of chance of being accepted there. I have to take an SAT test. That’s no problem whatsoever! Because of certain circumstances, I’ll be able to get a fee waiver for the test. That means that, though it usually costs $50, I can test for free! As the lady who works at the front desk in the guidance office said, I’m really on top of things! I really did never think it would come to this, though. I’m only into the 4th week of my senior year, and already so much is happening! I guess I will be sad, though, after it’s all over. However, even if I do get accepted as a full-time student to that 4-year college, I’m still gonna do my best so that I won’t have to stay away from my friends that whole time. I don’t know if I’ll get accepted or not, but, actually, I really hope I do. One last thing I want to cover is things I’ve been hearing about archery this year. I had been hearing rumors that our coach wasn’t going to be our coach anymore, and that lots of people who were on the team last year weren’t gonna come back because of her. I found out yesterday that both of those rumors are, in fact, false. We had a thing yesterday where all the clubs set up info booths in the gym for anyone who would be interested in joining, and I was very confused and moderately upset when I saw there was no archery booth. So, I talked to my principal later that day, and he said that they had contacted our coach, but hadn’t received a response from her yet. I was pretty worried after that, until, finally, right after school let out, before I was about to get on my bus to go home, I ran into my principal again and he said they finally heard from our coach, and she said that she was still going to be our coach, and that she didn’t come to set up earlier because she thought she didn’t have enough information, or something like that. So, thankfully, I finally know for sure that all is well in that department of my life. Well, that’s it for now. Until next time… Come back for my next post!


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