My Reality is Changing

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Archery, School & Life
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Alright everyone, I have some news. The first part is gonna suck, but I’ll tell you already that it’ll get better towards the end. So, my grandpa’s health has been declining pretty fast in the past few months. Not too very long ago, we found out that he has ALS, which will eventually take his life. Now, for awhile it wasn’t that bad, but, on the last day of this past weekend, his legs quit working and he fell. We had to call an ambulance, and we all (me, my dad and grandma) went to see him later that day. The next few days after that, it was only my grandma and uncle going to see him, because I have school and my dad’s been away doing important military things. I always asked how he was doing, and every time it seemed like he was getting a little worse each day instead of better. However, it seems he’s being cleared up for check-out, because he’s coming home today. Of course, everyone is glad about that.

In other news, just today, I found out when archery starts! Yeah, I found out from a reliable source, and ever since I’ve been telling as many of my teammates as I can. Also, I think all this stuff that’s been happening, despite it being kind of bad, has actually helped me for the better. I’ve been keeping positive, like I always do, because I know that, no matter what kind of bad stuff happens, something good will come out of it in the end, and it’s hard to not be positive with an attitude like mine. Also, just yesterday, I was able to be of great use to a good friend of mine, my archery buddy, to be exact (haven’t heard anything about her in awhile, huh?). It was the class we sit together in, and, since we weren’t really doing anything, I, doing what all good friends should do, helped her study for a test, for I class I don’t even have! I’ve always thought of myself as a good person, and I think me doing something like that kind of confirms it, wouldn’t you say? So, in spite of all the bad things that happened, I’ve still been able to live the other parts of my life to the fullest. I’m actually really happy, and I can definitely feel all the love in my friends’ hearts, even if some of them do never convey their feelings out loud. Since this is my last year, I’ve been more open and outgoing since the beginning, and I truly believe I’m living my life as fully as I possibly can. My reality is changing, but I think this is the kind of change I can handle.


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