The Great (As in Big) Changes of Life

Posted: October 10, 2014 in Archery, School & Life
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Hey everyone, sorry for the slightly long absence. Things around me have been changing so fast, I haven’t been able to post until now. Last week I went to another game (refer to my last post). I’ll admit, the first time I went was just a little more fun, but I still had a good time. Also, during the time between the first game I went to and the second game I went to (two consecutive weeks), I felt the most conflicted I’d felt this whole school year so far. I wouldn’t have felt like that had my archery buddy not suggested that I do something else, an actual sport, along with archery, for my last year. That sport is… softball. It’s not that different from baseball, and the only thing I might possibly have any problem with is the underhanded pitching. I’ll tell you, it would be pretty awesome. I played Little League back elem. school, and I’d be lying if I said the thought of doing one more actual sport before I graduate hadn’t crossed my mind. So, of course I felt conflicted. I knew it would interfere with archery to a degree, because my archery buddy started playing last year as a junior. She missed some practices here and there, and I thought I would have to choose between the two, which would have been very difficult. I mean, this year will be my third year on the archery team. Why be on the team and enjoy it so much for two years then decide to do something completely different? Then, however, I found out that I actually wouldn’t have to choose, though, that I would just have to find a way to divide my time between both activities evenly. So, you guessed it, I’m gonna do it! I’m going to be a student athlete for my final year! Or, at least, I’m going to attempt to be one. There is a class that I’ll have to get my grade up in if I want to be able to do that, though. I’m working as hard as I can in there, but, whether I want to or not, I’m probably going to end up having to switch out of it next term. It is without a doubt the hardest class I’ve ever had, ever. Well, we’ll see what happens. Anyways, isn’t that exciting? I even went and got the opinions of a lot of my friends, including a couple who are in archery with me, and, I kid you not, every single one of them said they think I should do it. One of them even said, “We don’t want to hog all your awesomeness (for archery). I think you’d be good at it.” That, I think, is the main statement that helped me make my final decision.

In other news, I’m not the only one experiencing change. Big changes are also happening with my best friend. She said they were good at first, so I was happy because she looked happier than she had for awhile. Although, something completely unexpected did happen. I mean, there is really no way I could’ve seen it coming. My best friend and her boyfriend broke up. In all truthfulness, she was actually the one that broke off with him. I thought she was going to be sad, but it was after that happened that she told me things were changing for her, in a good way. After that, I thought she would be single for awhile, because I honestly didn’t know who else she could go with. However, only two days afterward, she was already with someone else. The guy is someone she met in one of her classes, and, I had talked to him a little bit, but I never, ever expected them to get together. When I found out, of course, my protective wolf instincts took over. Since it’s someone new, who I’m not used to, I guess I lost all control of myself and told him this exactly: “Well, that was fast. I think I’ll watch over you guys for a bit. (Looks at him intensely) Just so you know, I’m her best friend, so you’re gonna have to earn my trust, too. I’ll be watching you like a hawk. Understand?” Yeah, I got a little protective, but that’s only normal, right? Anyways, I just found out today that something is still going on with my best friend and her ex. I actually talked to him today (I got used to him, so, even though they’re broken up, I still see him as a friend), asked him what was going on with them. He looked at me and said, “I think she’ll want to tell you that herself.” So, I said alright and walked away. I still don’t know what’s going on, but I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to talk to her after school today. Maybe I’ll be able to figure just exactly what is going on.

And finally, just so you all know, this will most likely be my last post until the week after next, because next week is Fall Break for my school, and you know I don’t usually post outside of school. Although, I have done it at least a couple times before. Well, who knows? Later. Come back for my next post!


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