Fall Break 2014 (& This Week So Far)

Posted: October 23, 2014 in School & Life
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Well everyone, since Monday, I’ve officially been back from Fall Break, which is what I’m going to tell you about. Okay, so, during the actual break (that whole week), I didn’t really do that much. Well, until Saturday. Saturday, was a very special day indeed. Let me tell you.

So, my mom and I (my mom who I saw for the first time in 8 years at the State Archery Tournament last school year in March) had been planning for a couple weeks, and we finally came up with a good time to get together, with her, my stepdad, my siblings, step siblings, and 2 aunts. Here’s why it was so special. At State, my mom was only able to bring my little sister and youngest brother with her, and not my oldest-younger brother. Saturday was special because it was the day all my siblings and I were reunited in one place. Let me just say, it was a very touching moment, and my mom, who can get very emotional, cried a river of tears (that actually might be a bit of an overstatement). So yeah, that was pretty awesome. Although, also in the time I was with them, I realized they may need a little help. Well, that actually might be an understatement. They need A LOT of help, the right help, and, I think that I myself might actually be able to give it to them. I just hope I can get more chances to see them so I can make things right so the things that happened while I was there don’t happen again (it’s a long story). Anyway, moving on.

Sunday, I did a little volunteering with my GS Crew, and it actually wasn’t bad. Getting to spend time with my friends was awesome, and I got to get some awesome food, the best being… CHOCOLATE-COVERED CHEESECAKE. Also, I actually saw an old teacher I had freshman year, which was before I even started this blog, and she still remembered me, which was awesome. That’s pretty much it, but I really did have a great time.

Now, and this is completely unrelated to anything else in this post, but I have become very enlightened. I’m not even sure when it happened, but it has to do with my other talent besides writing poetry, which is singing. I hadn’t realized until just recently, but, even at the talent show last year, I hadn’t been singing in my true voice. That’s the good news, though, I finally found it! I found it, and I’m ready and really want people to hear that true voice. I don’t know when it will happen, but it will, in time.

Alright, finally, I’m going to tell you about yesterday. Yesterday, was seriously. Freaking. Epic. Although, what happened was pretty unexpected, I was able to get somewhat prepared. If you weren’t able to guess it, yesterday was… wait for it… the first softball practice! Yep, and, let me just say, it was a lot sooner than I expected (softball is a Spring sport). When my archery buddy told me about it, it caught me completely off guard. So, the day before, I prepared myself the best I could, made my way through the school day yesterday, and waited for it to begin. It was really crazy at first, though, before practice started, because my dad and I had to go looking for the entrance to the parking for the softball field at the middle school (where we practice, forgot to mention that, sorry). It didn’t take us long to find it, though. My archery buddy was already there when I got there, so I waited with her and her cousin in her car until the coach arrived. When she did, we all got out, and I felt pretty out of place because everyone else had bats and helmets and gloves and softball pants and socks. I had nothing. However, that would soon change. I wasn’t the only new person. There was another, a freshman, and I made friends with her almost instantly. And that isn’t even the best part. From her, I got a glove, and, get this, a BRAND NEW pair of cleats (after practice). For FREE. How seriously awesome is that? I didn’t really know how things were gonna work out at first, but the whole thing was awesome! Well, the coach did want to make wear a face mask at first when I was pitching and catching, so I had to reassure her that I have very good reflexes, which I do. I don’t regret going to that practice whatsoever. I had a great time, and I actually would like to continue doing it if at all possible. There are problems that I’ll have to work out, though, but I will find a way! I have to say, it certainly was a workout. I’m still feeling the after-affects even now. My throwing arm hurts and my catching hand is stiff, but I still had an awesome time. And I know something like that will benefit me in more ways than one. That’s all for now! Come back for my next post!


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