Dramatic Happenings That I Haven’t Told You About (Until Now)

Posted: October 27, 2014 in School & Life
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Okay, before I even begin telling you about this, I would just like to warn ahead of time, this post is probably going to be slightly drama-filled. Although, it should also be very interesting, as the events that occurred are very similar to those that can happen in TV shows. So, you can choose whether to stay and read or just leave, but I personally think you should stay. Here goes.

So, I thought everything was okay with my best friend, but, Wednesday after school, I didn’t have to ride the bus, and she was by herself, so I sat with her. I said hey, and then I noticed something was wrong. I asked her what was wrong, and she actually started telling me, after struggling to find the words to start off with. She told me that she is always willing to help out her friends, but she said sometimes she just didn’t know what to do. She told me that, after she and her ex broke up, not long after she and the other guy got together, one of her best guy friends told her he was in love with her, and that he wanted to be with her. She told him she didn’t feel the same way, but that they could still just keep being friends. However, he still said that that wasn’t good enough, and that he, well…. wanted to kill himself if he couldn’t be with her. I guess I should’ve warned you this would be a pretty sensitive subject we’d be touching on. Anyway, that was the main reason she was upset, that and because she had other friends who had told her they’d wanted to take their own lives at times. She couldn’t understand it because, if you just look around you, you can see so much life all around. I feel the same way she does, as I disapprove of suicide more than anything. And then, she did something I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen her do. She started crying. I tried to comfort her as best I could, but her bus came before I could really do anything. She got on the bus crying, and her ex, whom I still see as a friend and who rides the same bus as her, stopped really quick and asked me what was wrong, and if it was something that involved him. I told him it wasn’t about him, and then described to him to the best of my ability what had happened. He said he would see if there was anything he could do. So, after their bus left, it troubled me for awhile, then I just prayed for them and started to focus on what was to come for me that day, which was the first softball practice, but you already know how that went  (I told you in the last post). I thought that was it, but something else ended up happening.

Only a day after that, it just so happened that both of my friends who I sit with at lunch with were out doing all-day community service for the part of school they are in (our school is split into two different parts, and in the beginning you can choose which one you will be an official student of, though you can still have classes in the part you aren’t a student of), and my best friends’ ex, who just so happened to have that lunch and be walking by at the time, noticed I was sitting by myself, so he came to sit beside me and talk. He started talking to me about what happened between he and my best friend. After I said I never really knew what happened between them, he said that my best friend had told him he’d changed, from the person he was when they had first started dating. How that is though, I couldn’t really see. He also said he’d heard she told another one of her friends that he was holding her back, which I couldn’t really understand that either. I always thought they made a really good couple, of course, after her ex and I had gone through the stage where I was finally able to get used to him, which is why I was so shocked when I heard they broke up. After that, he went to the library, which is where I usually go after I finish eating. So, after being torn as to what I should do, I decided there was no other place for me to go since I was alone, so I just went to the library where my best friends’ ex was. I saw him almost as soon as I walked in, sitting at a table nearest to the shelves where all the books were. He noticed me, and, when I got close enough, he asked me if we cold talk again, and, as I’m never one to turn down a friend in need, I said sure. He told me that, even though my best friend thought he was doing fine, he really was in great emotional pain, because he is indeed still in love with her. He said he never really had anyone like her before that, who he could hang out with after school and just be himself and talk about any problems he had. He said now that he doesn’t have that anymore, he doesn’t know what to do, since he really doesn’t have many true friends. I ended up just having to tell him that I wish I could do something for him, for him and my best friend, but I didn’t really think that there was anything I could do, and maybe something would end up happening eventually. What, though, I can’t say. Not long after that, the bell rang for us to go back to class.

After school, when my dad picked me up from the bus, I told him a little bit about what happened, but, of course, I didn’t go into a lot of detail. I only told him enough to where he said it would be best for me to just remain in my neutral position for a situation like that, and I completely agree. I’ve somehow gotten caught up in it, but hopefully I don’t end up having to do something that will get me on bad terms with either of them. That would be really bad. Well, that’s all for now (really sorry this post was so long).

Come back for my next post!


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