Undeniable Feelings

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

New post on my other, lesser-known blog! Go check it out!

Philosophical Thoughts of an Archer Poet

Greetings, followers. It is I, archerpoet, and I would first like to apologize for the length of time I have neglected to post on this blog. For today, I’ll go a little in depth on what it’s like to feel certain feelings for the first time, and how to come to terms with them. I’m talking about love, the romantic type, and, for some, even the familial type of love. But first, the romantic type. Depending on the situation, it can happen at any moment. One minute, everything is normal, then the next you find yourself, could it be, falling for someone? And hard. This type of thing happening is very sudden, and, without knowing how to deal with it properly, can send your entire life spiraling into chaos. You could be up at night wondering, “Do I really feel this way?” Well, I’ll tell you exactly how to find…

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