Just When I Thought I Was Out…

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Archery, School & Life, Softball
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Hey everyone, even though it hasn’t been as long as the last time I had to wait awhile to post, I’m still going to apologize for not posting lately. But, if you’ll remember, being a senior has me busy almost all the time now. The first thing I’ll tell you about is all the things that happened last week.

Monday (the Monday of last week, not this past Monday), I went to archery practice, and it sucked. Oh, but before I get into that, I’d just like to say that we were able to come back and beat the team that beat us that Monday (before the one I’m talking about) in our first and only away match. Also, I got my highest score of the season! It was great. I thought my improvement would last, but, moving back to what I started with, my score dropped from there. I’m talking really low, actually probably the lowest I’d been all season. It was like that the next day, too. I didn’t know if I would be able to come back, at least, not soon, but, I finally figured out what my problem was. And, you know what? My score has been increasing, and, in current events, I got an even higher highest score of the season just yesterday! Pretty awesome, huh? So, my score began increasing last Thursday, and has been going up ever since! I’m hoping to continue that today. Anyways, since I’ve pretty much told you all about archery that week, I’ll tell you about softball now.

For the first time in who knows how long, I actually went to 2 softball practices in the same week. Yep, I went Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday I was able to go with my archery buddy and her cousin to her cousin’s house, like usual (with or without my archery buddy). However, Thursday, I ran into a sort of predicament. That day, I thought I would be going with my archery buddy and her cousin again, but, as it would turn out, neither of them were planning to go. So, I was freaking out there for a little bit, but, I was actually able to find a solution, and pretty quickly. I ended up talking to my freshman friend, the one who also does both archery and softball (and who I was able to become friends with instantly), and her mom, and so I ended up hanging out at her house until it was time for practice. It was great! She and I are into a lot of the same things, so we had fun while we were there. Also, there’s a certain food that I’ve never liked by itself, until I ate the kind my friends’ grandma made. It was really good. Oh, and, the whole time, my dad never knew I was with her (I was supposed to tell him if anything changed), and he actually didn’t find out until I told him just yesterday, haha. Well, I knew he wouldn’t be mad at something like that, and he was cool with it.

Alright, going away from that, let me tell you what an affect 2 softball practices had on me, especially over the weekend. It was unlike anything that’s ever happened to me before. Usually, you would think you’d be sore the next day after the practice, but, with me, soreness from Thursday’s practice didn’t really kick in until Saturday. Saturday, I went on a most-of-the-day trip to the nearest mall with my dad. It was awesome, but, my legs were really, really sore, unlike any soreness I’d felt previously, and it lasted the WHOLE day. There were times when it wasn’t that bad, but there were also times when it was hard to even walk, and I also had trouble just sitting down and standing up at times. Crazy, right? That didn’t stop me from having an awesome day with my dad, though, because, all in all, it was a pretty awesome day.

Well, I could stop the post with that, but I have something else I want to tell you about. It’s pretty personal, but it is something that I’ve talked about before on this blog. Once I tell you, the title of this post will definitely make a lot more sense. Okay, so, you remember that person who I used to see as my best friend, right? The one who I cut ties with around October or so? Well, I ended up telling my archery buddy’s cousin and one of her friends about it at lunch, and they said I should talk to her again. I even though they would force me for awhile, but, in the end, they didn’t, which is good. Anyway, that actually got me thinking. I do want to talk to her again eventually, but I’ve been having trouble finding the right time to do it. I actually wanted to do it today, but, for whatever reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to. I told my archery buddy’s cousin that, maybe, just maybe, it’s too late, because, here I was thinking stupidly that somehow fate would bring us back into contact with each other, and now, if I don’t act, we night never talk again. I did say so myself that our parting of ways wouldn’t be permanent. You know what she told me then? It’s never too late. She said, “It’s never too late, but, the more you keep pushing it off, the higher the chances are that you’ll never do it.”

I know that. I know it all too well. I will talk to her. I have to, sometime, or else I’ll just keep getting frustrated at myself. I’ve talked to other people about this, and they all think I should talk to her, that they would if they were me. I will, but, I have no idea how it’ll work out. I can only hope for the best, I suppose. Well, that’s it for now. Wish me luck in talking to my friend again, and, hopefully, if we do start talking again, things will be different and better. Later.

Come back for my next post!


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