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Hey hey, everyone! How are all my loyal followers doing? Good, I hope. So, I have got a lot of awesome stuff to tell you about. Right now, as I’m typing this on the road (I’m not driving, don’t worry), I am having the greatest feeling of happiness I believe I’ve had so far this school year. That’s right! This week has had it’s ups and downs, that’s for sure, I almost relapsed back to what I did last week with my best friend (refer to my previous post for details), but, thankfully, I was able to sort things out once and for all. Anyway, let me tell you about something really awesome I did yesterday (Thursday) after school. So, for those of you that have been with my blog from the beginning (or near the beginning), you might remember me telling you about my archery buddy, and how she’s a manager for a girls-only sports team. If you remember, I also believe I told you early last school year about how I went to one of the games at that time. Anyway, I decided that I wanted to watch at least one game this year, too. I talked to my dad, and he said it was cool. So then, I talked to my friend, and, the next thing she said took me by surprise. She said that, quite possibly, she could get me into the game for free. That was interesting, but, just in case, my dad gave me some money anyway, if only for concessions. Now then, about that day. My dad picked me up directly from school, a little later than usual, then we went to town to get some food and kill time before the game. After all that, he dropped me back off at school by the gym, but, I didn’t go in through the main gym door, where I would’ve had to pay, I went into the side door that leads to the locker rooms. So, if you haven’t guessed already, I didn’t have to pay! Believe it or not, right when I walked in, my archery buddy was the first person I saw. She asked me if I’d paid yet, then, after I said no, she said, “Good, then don’t.”

So, how did I pull that off? I acted as a manager, of course. That in itself was a lot of fun! Before the game started, I was just helping my archery buddy and another manager with little things here and there, and there were also times when the managers got to have a little fun, which was awesome. I got to help our team warm up a little for the game. And, because I was a “manager”, I got to set at the scorekeeping table with the other managers, which is right by the court! I got one of the best seats in the house! It was great. During the game, while we were watching, my archery buddy and I also got to chat some, and I had fun just doing that. The game was super-intense and awesome! And, guess what? We won EVERYTHING! So yeah, I had a lot of fun, and, since I already talked to my dad about it, I’ll be going again next week!

Now, about today. Today was awesome! My best friend came back today after having not been at school yesterday, and she was in a much better mood than she had been on Wednesday. It was cool, because she and I, despite what had went down, were still able to talk to each other normally. During lunch, she even told me about what problems she had been dealing with (finally). Then, after school, I told her about the game. After that, we just had some good fun (I made her laugh, then she said she thought I was naturally funny, which made me feel good) until my best friend and her boyfriend’s bus came. Now, let me backtrack a little bit, because there was stuff that happened along with that. To start off, I honestly think me going to that game last night made the already-good relationship between my archery buddy and I even better. I acted crazy like I naturally do, and she pointed out the fact I was crazy. Ah, good times. Also, and, if I didn’t tell you, I actually have a class with her this year (first time since my sophomore year, when I first started this blog). It was just a work day today, because we had a somewhat time-consuming assignment, and I was just about to get finished, I believe. My archery buddy, who, awesomely, sits right beside me, was working on an assignment for another class. Then, completely unexpectedly, she actually asked me to help her focus, since she was having trouble. So I did, then, after a few minutes, she started listening to her music on her laptop, and she said that I could listen with her if I wanted to. And, you know what? I did. I did, unlike the first time I could’ve when we rode together on the bus to Nationals for archery my sophomore year. It was great, and, I really believe it did help her focus a lot better. The really awesome thing is, my archery buddy and I actually share a lot of the same musical interests, unlike even me and my best friend! You know, it’s little moments like that with friends that you really have to learn to look out for and appreciate. So yeah, these past couple weeks or so have been a complete roller coaster, I’ll tell you, but, at least my weeks always seem to end on good notes. And, let’s hope it stays that way. Until next time!

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Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, sorry about that, and also, this is only the second time I’ve posted over this summer! Well, at least I’ve posted, right? I hope all my loyal followers are doing well and haven’t forgotten about me. My new school year is getting close to starting, only almost a couple weeks now. I’ll be a senior! No, not just any senior, I’m gonna be… a MEGA-SENIOR!!! Yep, my final year is gonna be epic. That’s not what I’m here to post about, though. Of course, as the title says, I’m here to tell you about my Chicago trip, which lasted from July 20-22.

The first day, the first thing we did after we got there and checked into our hotel was go to a place called Medieval Times. If you don’t know what it is, it’s like you actually go back in time, because you get to watch knights fight and joust and compete against each other, all while eating a feast with only your hands. It was awesome, everyone got dressed up for it, even me (believe it or not)! My outfit was actually pretty cool, and I really think I could pass myself off as a guy in it, which is actually what I tried to do, although I’ll never know how well it worked out. But yeah, it was awesome, because after it was all over, we got to take pictures with the knights. Pretty sweet, right? On the second day, we went to the place that I’d been looking forward to most on that trip: Chinatown. It wasn’t at night like I’d hoped it would be, but hey, at least we got to go, right? After Chinatown, we went to Navy Pier and got to ride the big swing thing (forgot the name), which made me super-happy because I hadn’t got to ride one of those since I was a little kid. Then we rode the huge Ferris wheel, which was also fun. The only bad thing about that day was that I almost passed out from dehydration at least 3 times. Miraculously, however, each time I thought I was going to meet my end, I was able to find a way to get water. On the third and final day, when we officially checked out of our hotel, we went and spent some time at a nearby mall that had a lot of stuff I would’ve loved to buy, but I’d already spent all my money except for one measly dollar. After that, we spent the rest of our time exploring the Museum of Science & Industry. It was kind of boring at first, but it wasn’t to bad after awhile. All in all, it was definitely an awesome trip. Sure, we had a few rough patches here and there, but, in the end, we were all able to have a good time together. I myself found the trip to be very enlightening. There’s no doubt this trip was better than the last time. I had to wait 6 years, but I finally got a second chance, and was able to make some memories that will for sure last me a lifetime. Until next time.

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